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KENTUCKY, February 11, 2019 (LifeSiteNews) – The FBI and local law enforcement are investigating threats against Covington Catholic High School and its students, according to the Ohio Christian Alliance (OCA).

The OCA was one of several pro-life groups that called on federal law enforcement agencies to investigate threats of violence made online against a group of Catholic high school students based on false reporting of a confrontation at the 2019 March for Life.

“OCA President Chris Long received a call from the Special Agent working in the Covington FBI office, confirming that the office was in receipt of our letter and confirmed that the FBI was working with local law enforcement to investigate the threats that were made against the school and its students,” Cleveland Right to Life shared in a press release February 8. “The indication was that charges will be filed in the coming weeks, if not days, against those who made threats against the students, their families, and Covington Catholic High School.”

“We are pleased that the FBI and law enforcement officials are taking this matter seriously. These Christian students did nothing wrong, but a hate campaign was waged against them as they stood for the unborn by participating in the Annual March for Life,” said Long. “While waiting for their bus at the Lincoln Memorial steps after the march, they became the target of counter protesters. We encourage the FBI and Justice Department to thoroughly investigate, utilizing the video tapes and the twitter statements from individuals who made threats against the students.”

“We have said from the beginning that this is a watershed moment,” he continued. “A message needs to be sent to the public at large that making threats against minors resulting in harassment and potential danger is not free speech, but is in fact criminal activity.”

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“The madness that followed the students from the encounter…put them at the center of a generated hate campaign, fueled by false media reports and social media,” Created Equal said in a press release during the initial call for an FBI investigation. “Known individuals have called for violence against the students and their Christian school.”

Law enforcement authorities confirmed in late January that they were investigating unidentified threats against Covington Catholic and its students. The school closed its doors on January 22 out of fear of leftist threats and protests.

L. Lin Wood, a nationally-recognized attorney, is representing Covington student Nick Sandmann, who became the focus of the ire of leftists, media outlets, and even conservatives and Catholic authorities. They attacked him for “smirking” at Native American activist Nathan Phillips, who it was later revealed has a violent criminal past and tried to storm and disrupt a Catholic Mass the day after the 2019 March for Life. Sandmann and his fellow students, accused of chanting “build the wall” and allegedly racist statements at Phillips, were completely vindicated by extended footage of the encounter showing them peacefully enduring verbal abuse from adults, and not mocking Phillips as they were falsely accused of doing.