OTTAWA, July 30, 2003 ( – Liberal MP David Kilgour, Secretary of State for Asia-Pacific, has voiced his support for traditional marriage.  In a July 23 letter to a constituent on the issue Kilgour wrote, “Like you, I support the current definition of marriage as ‘the lawful and voluntary union of one man and one woman’ and in the past voted to sustain this definition.”  Like all cabinet members, Kilgour is expected to support the government legislation.  However, he hinted that he may not vote with the government. Polling residents in his riding, Kilgour found the vast majority against homosexual ‘marriage’.  When pressed on the vote he said, “My duty is to represent the views of my constituents.”  The anger of rural Canadians over the government’s ‘messing with’ the definition of marriage has the Liberal Party’s rural caucus chair concerned. New Brunswick MP Andy Savoy who heads the caucus told the Globe and Mail, “It’s a major issue, there’s a lot of concern among many rural members of Parliament.”  Murray Calder, Liberal MP for the Dufferin-Peel-Wellington-Grey riding in Orangeville, concurred saying, “I’m in small-town Ontario and basically you get grabbed by the arm and asked ‘What are you guys in Ottawa doing now?’”  Dan McTeague, Liberal MP for Pickering-Ajax-Uxbridge.warned, “We’re looking at an electoral juggernaut that’s going to take down a lot of Liberal MPs.”  See the Globe and Mail coverage: