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KANSAS CITY, Missouri (LifeSiteNews) — Joining the ranks of airline employees, law enforcement officers, firefighters, healthcare workers, and others who have chosen to draw a line in the sand and fight against tyrannical COVID-19 injection mandates, federal contractors in Kansas City, Missouri, are gathering with like-minded coworkers and holding demonstrations to “unite all of us against these evil, coercive tactics.”

Two employees of Honeywell Federal Manufacturing & Technologies (FM&T), LLC, a management and operations contractor with the National Nuclear Security Administration (NNSA) and a part of the Department of Energy (DoE), described to LifeSiteNews via email their successful efforts to unite colleagues concerned about coerced vaccination.

Speaking on condition of anonymity, one of the employees, a senior security specialist, said “[t]he goal of our demonstration is to bring together the isolated, to be a voice for the voiceless, and to stand united in action.”

“If we are able to unite, we hope to be able to stand against these coercive methods,” he said.

The security specialist said that in the beginning of October, FM&T “rolled out a ‘timeline’ for employees to comply with the company’s jab mandate,” but did not specify a process to apply for a religious or medical exemption.

FM&T’s move came after President Joe Biden announced July 29 that all federal employees and civilian contractors would be required to get the experimental shots or undergo frequent testing and a slew of other requirements and restrictions.

The FM&T security specialist said by the beginning of October his company was “putting pressure on individuals to get the vaccine or lose their jobs,” and that “[i]t is expected that once most of the employees cave in, the remaining unvaccinated will be terminated or placed on ‘unpaid leave’ as a religious or medical accommodation.”

Placing employees on unpaid leave for failure to get the jab is not unheard of. United Airlines attempted to enact just such a policy before a federal judge temporarily blocked the airline from carrying out its threat last week.

The security specialist told LifeSite that facing vaccine mandates within their own company, FM&T employees concerned about coerced vaccination began banding together in late September.

KC (Kansas City) Freedom Group, an informal email group started by an FM&T scientist late last month, has already amassed more than three hundred members, according to its founder.

The scientist who created the group asked that his name be kept confidential. He told LifeSiteNews the organization of freedom-loving employees started after he sent an email on September 27 to four colleagues he had spoken with individually, and who shared his views regarding the “experimental shot mandate.”

“From there it grew in leaps and bounds so that we are now over three hundred members of what I had termed the KC Freedom Group,” he said.

The scientist told LifeSite he began sending out nightly emails “to start brainstorming and planning our responses and our path forward”

Ultimately, he gave out his personal email and cell phone number, “and by word of mouth people were spreading that information and I was receiving and adding a lot of new members to the group.”

Ten days later, on October 7, KC Freedom Group set up its first Public Information Session outside of Honeywell’s Kansas City National Security Campus (KSNSC) facility on the public sidewalk, staffed with five adults and two children holding up signs to direct interested parties to contact the KC Freedom Group to learn about their work to unite in their concerns about coercive mandates.

Though small, the FM&T scientist said that first session was a “huge boost” for his fledgling organization, and told LifeSite they “had a lot of positive reactions from associates driving by.”

But the organization wasn’t going to remain with just a handful of members.

The group’s founder said that by October 11, membership had mushroomed to 170 employees.

“We are seeking to reach out to all [at] the plant to break through the isolation and fear they are forcing upon us so that those who are not able to get the vaccine are not forced to violate their conscience or risk their life just to keep their job,” the security specialist told LifeSite.

Bolstered with significant support, KC Freedom Group organized a second Public Information Session, this one on October 14. The event drew approximately 60 like-minded employees over roughly three hours, with at one point around 40 people standing at both of KCNSC’s entrances.

“We covered the two entrances of the facility specifically to let the departing employees know that they are not alone,” the security specialist said.

He said many other employees who did not participate in the actual event nonetheless honked their car horns to show support as they drove by, gave a thumbs up, or verbally expressed thanks for those standing up for the medical freedoms of employees.

“We do believe in the mission of our work, and the importance of our jobs,” KC Freedom Group’s founder told LifeSiteNews.

The scientist said his organization is also seeking “to connect with people from other companies who are in similar situations, again to share information and to assist them in their fight.”

The FM&T security specialist affirmed that KC Freedom Group isn’t only focused on securing the personal liberties of FM&T employees, but is also looking to help anyone “impacted by the unlawful mandate.”

“Our group is working together to ensure no one is isolated, pressured, and coerced into violating their conscience,” he said, adding the group is “reaching out to other businesses impacted by the unlawful mandate as well and have different groups set up for discussions.”

Summarizing the group’s mission, he said that “[i]n short, we are uniting to allow employees to freely choose without coercion and fear. As I explained, the company is putting extreme pressure on employees to get vaccinated through the implicit threat of losing their job. Reasonable accommodation for religious or medical exemptions is not termination or unpaid leave.”

KC Freedom Group’s founder told LifeSiteNews that the more than three hundred members of the group amount to over 5% of the company’s total workforce.

Meanwhile the security specialist said he and his coworkers understand FM&T is anticipating a loss of 3% of its employees as a result of the injection requirement.

“They have expressed in personal conversations that it is going to get ugly for the 3% who remain unvaccinated, and they are of the impression that they can coerce the other 97% into getting vaccinated,” he said.

According to the security specialist, however, the number of unvaccinated employees on staff to date is far higher than the percentage the company expects to lose, with about 30% who are not “fully vaccinated” and 20% who have opted not to take a single shot.

LifeSiteNews reached out to FM&T for comment but has yet to hear back.

If it comes to it, KC Freedom Group’s founder said he and his group plan to pursue legal recourse against the company to defend the rights of themselves and their colleagues.

“If exemptions are denied we plan to go to legal recourse to fight the company, as so many others have across the nation,” he said.

“We think that the tactics that are being used against those who desire exemptions are standard bullying, intimidation, steam-rolling over everybody in a rush so that people do not have the time to think before they are acted upon, fear-mongering with half-truths and implied actions/repercussions etc,” he stated.

The FM&T scientist said the primary goal of his group “is for everybody to be able to keep our jobs while not being subjected to involuntary forced shots, and without having to ‘give an arm and a leg’ to get an exemption or having to give in to unrealistic and harassing supplemental requirements.”

“We are planning another Public Information Session for this week Thursday, October 21, 2021. We hope to get a similar participation as we did last week, and to get the word out there that people who are worried and scared about the mandate and the lack of choice are not alone,” he told LifeSite, adding “[w]e hope to be able to stand united in our fight for our freedom against the mandate tyranny.”

Meanwhile, the FM&T security specialist suggested that the battle against the “mandate tyranny” requires support not just from fellow concerned colleagues and potential legal counsel.

He told LifeSite he’s entrusting the work of KC Freedom Group to Our Lady, and fighting the company’s jab mandates not only with sharing information and gathering together with like-minded coworkers, but also with prayer.

“I have entrusted all our efforts to the Immaculate Heart of Mary, and prayer, especially the Rosary, is our weapon,” he said. “Our Lady of the Rosary, pray for us!”

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