MEXICO CITY, March 21, 2014  ( – Last Tuesday, two women became the first homosexual couple to get “married” in the city of León, in Guanajuanto, one of Mexico’s most conservative states and in which same-sex “marriage” is illegal.

The “marriage” followed a lawsuit filed by the two lesbians when they were denied a marriage license in September last year.  After suing the state in federal court they were granted an injunction forcing the state to “marry” them.

The lawsuit was based on the Mexican Constitution’s first article, which prohibits discrimination for “sexual orientation.”


However, in addition to being illegal in Guanajuato, article 156 of the Federal Civil Code lists “incurable impotence” as an impediment to contract legal marriage in the country, a provision that would seemingly invalidate same-sex “marriages” as well.

In an interview with local media before the event, Judge Rito Padilla, who presided at the “marriage,” said the federal judge “forced us to celebrate this ceremony.”

Padilla had personally refused to “marry” the lesbians last year.

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He pointed out that same-sex “marriage” was still “against the law” in Guanajuato, as state legislation “establishes certain requirements that must be met.”

Gov. Miguel Marez also noted that his state still prohibits legal homosexual unions. “It’s a resolution issued by the Supreme Court,” he told the media. “We must abide by the law.”

The event was held in one of the offices of Guadalupe Rea, deputy for Mexico’s left-wing party PRD.

Local media report the ceremony was short and that an epistle by Melchor Ocampo – a text typically read in Mexico during civil marriage ceremonies – was not read.

The text says marriage “is the only moral means of founding a family, conserving the species and making up for imperfections in the individual. … Spouses should be sacred to one another.”

The letter also implies perfection cannot be reached by one’s self, but through conjugal duality.

The national newspaper Milenio noted the lack of protest against the union, attributing it to the influence of statements made by Pope Francis. 

“It’s surprising that right-wing groups didn’t come into the public light to express their non-conformity,” the paper noted. “It seems that Pope’s Francis’ declarations on homosexuality have left them unarmed. Who am I to judge?” The publication added: “Something is happening.”