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(LifeSiteNews) — A world champion female darts player is being praised for taking a stand against wokeism after forfeiting a match against a gender-confused man at the Denmark Open last weekend.

Deta Hedman was born in Jamaica 64 years ago. She has been a top-ranked professional darts player in the United Kingdom since the 1980s. Over the past several years, she has aggressively pushed back against LGBT incursion into her profession.

“Women & girls deserve to be CHAMPIONS in their own sports,” a graphic Hedman posted on her Facebook page days before the Open reads.

Hedman withdrew from the tournament on Saturday after she was slated to square off against Noa-Lynn Van Leuven in the quarterfinals. Van Leuven, a 27-year-old man who started “transitioning” at 16, is currently the fifth-best female player in the world, according to the World Darts Federation. The group ranks Hedman seventh.

Hedman explained on X that she didn’t compete against Van Leuven simply because he is not a woman.

“No fake illness, I said I wouldn’t play a man in a ladies event,” she remarked.

Industry insiders say her decision wasn’t a surprise given that she has issued numerous statements on social media calling out the unfairness of men competing against women.

“Virtually all sports (organizations) agree that a male post-puberty has many advantages, strength, muscle mass, lung capacity, etc.,” she has posted on X.

“Suppressants don’t drastically reduce these!… surely this helps a trans in their mentality/psychology in a precision sport.”

Hedman’s decision to not throw against Van Leuven, who eventually lost his semifinal match, was not the first time a woman refused to compete against him. Two female darts players from the Netherlands withdrew from the Dutch Women’s Team in March after he was allowed to participate.

“I am ashamed to play for the Dutch Team, because a biological man plays for the women’s team, it is time to go… sports… should be an equal and fair playing field,” one of the women said in a Facebook post.

Hedman’s decision won praise from well-known female sports activist Riley Gaines.

Gaines, a former All-American swimmer for the University of Kentucky, has been an outspoken opponent of men competing against women.

“I must get into contact with Deta Hedman. I want to pay her the prize money she missed out on, just as Seth Dillon and I did with billiards player Kim O’Brien for taking the same stand. Bravery deserves to be rewarded,” she said on X.

The winner of the Denmark Open wins 1,400 British Pounds.

Hedman replied to Gaines, noting that Denmark Darts compensated her for the tournament.

In a previous post, Hedman stated that while she has “no problem with transgenders in life” it is “my belief and many other women players’ belief that trans shouldn’t be in women’s ranked events.”

Hedman previously hinted at retiring and floated that possibility again by saying that she would “stop playing when the enjoyment has gone from playing, think the present issues with the lady’s game that time is getting closer.”