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Jonathan Yaniv

SURREY, British Columbia, January 20, 2020 (LifeSiteNews) – A female journalist is suing a transgender activist, who has made headlines around the world for demanding that beauticians wax his genitals, for “defamation” after he accused her of sexually assaulting him in a female bathroom in a courthouse. 

Jonathan “Jessica” Yaniv claimed on Twitter that Amy Eileen Hamm, a reporter for the Post Millennial, had sexually assaulted him in the ladies’ room of a courthouse in Surrey, British Columbia on January 13. Hamm denies the allegation and has hired a lawyer from the Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms to launch a case of defamation against Yaniv. 

According to a fundraising page dedicated to helping Hamm fund the suit, the journalist was sent on January 13 to the courthouse where Yaniv was appearing to answer prohibited weapons-related charges. During a recess, Hamm went to the ladies’ restroom where she saw Yaniv. Hamm said that she left at once. Yaniv said, however, that she assaulted him.

“I’m upset. I feel dirty and disgusting. @preta_6 [Amy Eileen Hamm] sexually assaulted me on Monday AT THE SURREY @BCProvCourt, and @SurreyRCMP and @BCSheriffs did NOTHING!!” Yaniv tweeted on January 16.  

“They are investigating that, but put this [B***] behind bars. She HURTS PEOPLE and the #LGBTQ Yes I am absolutely furious!” he continued. 


Yaniv also stated, over Twitter, that he had sought the help of a rape crisis center. 

“Thanks to a local rape relief crisis centre for helping me to deal with the vicious sexual assault I had to endure on Monday,” he wrote.  “Thankfully they are accepting of trans, gender non-confirming, non-binary and cisgender folks. Justice is coming to my assaulter! She isn't getting away!” 

Hamm swiftly responded by Twitter, saying “This is false and defamatory. You’ve crossed a line & will be hearing from my lawyer.”

According to the fundraising site, after Hamm left the restroom, Yaniv accused her of having taken photos of him and demanded that police search her phone. The police found no photos of Yaniv. 

This is only the latest incident involving Yaniv. He is also being sued by Keean Bexte of the Rebel online newspaper for having allegedly punched the reporter on the back of the head outside the same courthouse on January 13. Bexte managed to film their altercation and can be seen backing away as Yaniv aggressively approaches him shouting “Get away from me.”  

Bexte’s colleague, David Menzies, who alleges Yaniv hit him with a cane, is also a plaintiff in Bexte’s suit.

Yaniv was charged with two counts of possessing an illegal weapon last year when he displayed a Taser to another transgender activist during a live-streamed debate on Facebook. 

Yaniv waved the Taser at American conservative transgender activist Blair White during a heated argument about his complaints to the British Columbia Human Rights Tribunal against female aestheticians who refused to wax his male genitals.  

The transsexual activist lost his case, and was instead told that he targeted the beauticians because of their ethnic background. 

Meanwhile, Yaniv’s critics have also accused him of untoward interest in underage girls. Last July he requested permission from the City of Langley, BC for “LGBTQ2S+ organizations” to host a topless ‘All-Bodies Swim’ at its municipal pools “for people aged 12+”. Parents and “caretakers” were barred from admittance. 

Yaniv is also alleged to have contacted underage girls online, and screenshots of his comments about whether he would see nude girls in women’s change-rooms and about menstruation of 10- to 12-year-old girls have circulated on the internet. In a tweet pinned to the top of his Twitter feed, he described himself as a “proud lesbian.” 

“One proud Lesbian,” he wrote last June. “I’ll never stop fighting for human rights equality.”