Female UK politician receives death threat against relative after voting pro-life

This is not the first time Dr. Lisa Cameron has been abused for standing on principle in the pro-life realm.
Thu Jul 9, 2020 - 8:26 pm EST
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Member of Parliament Dr. Lisa Cameron.

EAST KILBRIDE, Scotland (LifeSiteNews) ― British pro-lifers are asking the pro-life community worldwide to show support to a courageous M.P. who has yet again suffered online abuse for voting on behalf of the unborn. 

“[We are] standing in solidarity with Scottish MP Dr. Lisa Cameron, who received a death threat after voting in accordance with her deeply held pro-life beliefs,” the Society for the Protection of Unborn Children (SPUC) announced today.

Its Glasgow-based director of communications, Michael Robinson, added, “SPUC is asking all those who acknowledge the importance of free speech and freedom of conscience, to stand in solidarity with Dr. Cameron by adding their names to the online thank you message.”

On July 6, SPUC presented the heroic M.P. with a bouquet of white flowers on behalf of its membership and supporters. The white flowers were an allusion to the nonviolent German anti-Nazi group called “The White Rose.”

On June 24, Scottish M.P. Dr. Lisa Cameron was one of 47 M.P.s who voted against a bill that sought to prevent pro-life witnesses from offering last-minute help to pregnant women outside abortion businesses in England and Wales. A few days later, Cameron was sent a message via Facebook calling her “ya fat slag” and threatening to kill an elderly member of her family.

Cameron notified the police.

The incident reminded Robinson of the assassination of the late Jo Cox. Cox was the M.P. for West Yorkshire’s Batley and Spen constituency when she was murdered by a man who objected to her support for Britain’s continued membership in the European Union.

“It is tragic to think that in the same month as we commemorate the anniversary of Jo Cox MP’s dreadful murder, another politician of principle is threatened with violence,” Robinson told LifeSiteNews.

“Pro-abortion ideology is rooted in violence,” he continued. “It is therefore not surprising when pro-abortion activists embody this aggression and violence in their actions.”

Cameron, who is a member of the Presbyterian Church of Scotland, was subject to an avalanche of online abuse when, on July 9, 2019, she voted against an attempt in the Westminster Parliament to water down Northern Ireland’s pro-life abortion law. 

Cameron told the Scottish Catholic Observer that she began to receive  “traumatic” and “horrific” abuse soon after the vote and that the nastiness intensified when she explained her reasons ― which included the two miscarriages she had suffered ― on Facebook.  

“As soon as I put the post up I was deluged by hateful responses,” she told the Catholic newspaper.

“People were really abusing me and my decision, saying that I endorse rape of women, sending me pictures of rape scenes and aborted foetuses and telling me I should be aborted myself.”

Even members and officers of Cameron’s own Scots Nationalist Party chastised her for her vote, and she was told that it might be “now incompatible to hold pro-life views and be a SNP MP.”

As Cameron reported not receiving support and reassurance from her party leadership on this matter, the head of the Catholic Scottish Bishops’ Conference, Bishop Hugh Gilbert, OSB, wrote on the M.P.’s behalf to party leader Nicola Sturgeon. Catholic bishop John Keenan also spoke out on the Protestant M.P.’s behalf.

To express your own support to Dr. Lisa Cameron, please click here.

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