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BOLOGNA, Italy, December 19, 2013 ( – A group of feminists and anti-Chrsitian extremists have invaded the Catholic cathedral in Bologna.

Members of the “Feminist Collective XXX” held up a banner in front of the sanctuary in San Petronio cathedral on Monday, that read, “You hold the clinics. We invade the churches.”

The group claimed to be protesting against the defeat of a movement at the European Parliament to force member states to legalize abortion.

A spokesman for the group told reporters that they were protesting the existence of what they claimed is a two-tier abortion regime in which wealthy women “series A” can obtain abortions easily while “series B” women, “temporary workers and migrants” who can “never afford them…must therefore resort to all illegal abortions.”

They demanded that physicians and medical professionals be forced by the government to participate in abortions, saying that the recognition of conscientious objection is “a discrimination of gender, class, and race, as well as a violation of our rights to health and self-determination.”

“If Catholics and objectors invade public hospitals and clinics, then we will invade the churches,” they said. “We can not accept this medieval political and moral [system], this dirty mixture between public and religious power that brings us back to the times of deaths from illegal abortion.”

Italy’s Law 194 makes abortion freely available to all women over 18 who ask for it during the first three months of pregnancy. No restrictions are applied as to the reasons, with abortion being allowed for “health,” psychological, social and economic reasons, including the “circumstances of the conception.” Women under 18 can abort with the permission of a judge.

Abortions are conducted free of charge at all public hospitals or other authorized regional health facilities.

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With its relatively open abortion regime, activists are focusing on the recent statistics that say a vast majority of doctors in Italy refuse to participate. Feminists and other leftist activists pressure the EU and other international bodies to erode or eliminate conscientious objection laws nearly constantly. An attempt was made by a British MEP in 2010 to eliminate the right of conscientious objection that was soundly defeated by an alternate proposal that strongly upheld the basic rights of medical professionals.