DAYTON, OH, Sept 27 (LifeSiteNews) – Lilith Fair, the music festival of radical feminism headed up by performer Sarah McLachlan, is steeped in controversy as it faces protests over its decision to bar Feminists for Life from the festival grounds. Marilyn Kopp, Ohio director of Feminists for Life (FFL), attended the music festival to protest the discrimination. 

Reporter Laura DeMarco writes in the Free Times about the protest.

Wearing a T-shirt reading “Peace begins in the womb, Sarah,” and standing in front of the booth of the National Organization for Women with a gag in her mouth, Kopp made clear her message that the pro- life feminist group had been banned. Her treatment makes a mockery of Lilith Fair’s stated goal of wanting to “raise consciousness about issues that affect women’s lives.” 

At issue is whether a true feminist must be pro-abortion. Sarah McLachlan, has made up her mind on that point. The Free Times quotes her as saying of FFL, “Their organization says that women shouldn’t be allowed to [abort their babies]. I think that’s bulls—-.”  

With files from Pro-Life E-News