By Michael van der Mast – Amsterdam

AMSTERDAM, Netherlands, February 24, 2009 ( – The same fetal models which have recently stirred up controversy in the Netherlands, were well received by visitors of the annual Home Fair in Amsterdam RAI last week, said Bert Dorenbos president of the Dutch pro life foundation “Cry for Life.” (see

The Home Fair is the largest consumer event in the Netherlands.

“Cry for Life” was an exhibitor at the popular annual Home Fair held in Amsterdam from 14 to 22 February 2009. The Fair was visited by 286,000 people from all over the Netherlands, mainly women.

People strolling through the fair with numerous displays featuring body care and household products, were struck by the tiny fetal models lined up on a four foot square table covered with a black cloth, when passing the “Cry for Life” booth. Many women stopped to get a closer look and volunteers at the stand would then ask them questions from a poll. The outcome of the poll will be presented to parliament.

During this year’s Home Fair a total of 1500 questionnaires were completed, the largest number Cry for Life has gathered to date at the fair, by a significant margin.

The reason for the large increase is likely due to the significant media attention the fetal models have received in recent months. In December a photo of a fetal model was pictured on the front page of the Dutch Christian newspaper “Het Nederlands Dagblad” after the annual March for Life. The front-page coverage garnered other media attention for “Cry for Life,” including television interviews and reactions in the House of Representatives of the Dutch government.

Questions on the poll included: When does life start according to you? Do you know that the heart of an unborn starts beating at three weeks? Do you think women suffer emotionally from their abortion?

The majority of the interviewees responded that life does begin at conception (60%), said they knew that a baby heart starts beating at three weeks (71%), and that women do suffer emotionally from a previous abortion (90%).

The question “Do you know until what time abortion is allowed?” is often answered incorrectly (only 17% answer it correctly), said Cry for Life. They said that this suggests that many are ignorant of the abortion law in the Netherlands. In the Netherlands abortion is permitted up to viability, with a maximum limit of 24 weeks gestation.

Cry for Life said that the attention the models received at the fair underlines the significance of using the fetal models in the struggle to reveal the truth about abortion to the broader public.

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