November 10, 2011 ( – A former abortion worker has pleaded guilty to two counts of murder in relation to the deaths of an abortion client and an infant born alive during a botched abortion at Philadelphia’s notorious “House of Horrors” abortion facility.

Lynda Williams, 43, entered her guilty plea yesterday.

Investigators had found that despite the fact that Williams was both unlicensed and untrained, with only a ninth grade education, she routinely anesthetized abortion clients and performed ultrasounds at Kermit Gosnell’s abortion clinic.


According to a Grand Jury report issued earlier this year, Williams was also responsible for dealing with babies who were born alive while Gosnell was away, which she did in the same way all the other staff at the clinic did – by snipping their spinal cords.

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In addition to the two counts of third degree murder, Williams also pleded guilty to conspiracy to commit murder, conspiracy to participate in a corrupt organization, and illegally administering drugs to women undergoing late-term abortions.

Williams’ crimes could net her 200 years in prison, but her plea bargain agreement allows for a reduced sentence in exchange for providing testimony against Gosnell. Her sentencing has been delayed until after the Gosnell trial, which may not happen for another year.

Williams is the fifth employee at Gosnell’s clinic to plead guilty: four pleaded guilty to murder, while a fifth to perjury.

The Grand Jury report released in January of this year had detailed testimony from clinic staff who said that “killing large, late-term babies who had been observed breathing and moving was a regular occurrence” and “standard procedure” at the filthy clinic: one staffer said such events happened “hundreds” of times.

The authors of the report slammed Gosnell’s abortion practice, saying it “reflected an utter disregard for the health and safety of his patients, a cruel lack of respect for their dignity, and an arrogant belief that he could forever get away with the slovenly and careless treatment of the women who came to his clinic.

“The only thing Gosnell seemed to care about was the cash he raked in from his illegal operation,” they said.

According to one clinic staffer, about 40% of the second trimester “abortions” performed by Gosnell were past 24 weeks, at which point the babies would be viable outside the womb. He also said that he believed Gosnell would perform even later term abortions on Sundays, when the rest of the staff were away.

Another clinic worker, Tina Baldwin, told the investigators that Gosnell once joked about a baby that was writhing as he cut its neck: “that’s what you call a chicken with its head cut off.”

After news of the conditions in the clinic broke earlier this year, “scores” of women stepped forward to tell their horror stories of forced abortions and abysmally poor care at the hands of Gosnell and his employees.

Investigators who raided the facility wrote that they found the abortion equipment broken, dirty, and rusty; downstairs, the dismembered remains of newborn and nearly-born children were stuffed into jars, bags, milk jugs, and cat food containers. Others shared space in a refrigerator-freezer with employees’ lunches.

Upon entering the building, investigators were hit by the stench of cat urine and the sight of drugged and moaning women lying on blood-stained blankets. Flea-ridden cats defecated freely on the bloodied floors.

The Grand Jury report had issued scathing indictments of both the Pennsylvania Department of Health and the Department of State for turning a blind eye to the clinic. The report said the government agencies had allowed the clinic to wallow in filth for years, and ignored several complaints lodged against the abortionist, while allowing his official record to remain clean.