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Fighting Planned Parenthood: the author of the TooManyAborted campaign, in his own words

Peter J. Smith

WASHINGTON, D.C., January 28, 2011 ( – Ryan Bomberger is a black pro-life leader, who, with his wife Bethany, has set his sights on exposing an organization he would probably call “Enemy Number One” of the Black community: Planned Parenthood Federation of America.

And little wonder: the U.S. Census Bureau reports Black Americans account for approximately 12.4 percent of the U.S. population, but black women account for 30 percent of the total of U.S. abortions. It’s a staggering statistic and the driving force for Ryan and Bethany to take on Planned Parenthood with their ad campaign. But for Ryan, it’s also deeply personal: Ryan was a baby conceived in rape. His biological mother made the courageous choice to save his life, and carry him, so he could be adopted into a multi-racial Christian family of 15. Now he uses his talents to spread the message that every human being is a uniquely created individual with “God-given purpose.” (LSN) caught up with Ryan in the freezing D.C. weather after Monday’s March for Life and National Pro-Life Youth Rally sponsored by Students for Life of America and Rock for Life to talk. Ryan explained to LSN about how he spreads that message with the Radiance Foundation.

LSN: So Ryan, what are the aims of the Radiance Foundation and some of its projects right now?

Ryan: The Radiance Foundation is a 501c3 life-affirming organization that my wife Bethany and I began. The purpose of the Radiance Foundation is to inspire people to live a life of meaning, and the way that we do that is we try to get people to embrace their intrinsic value, God-given intrinsic value. And so what that basically boils down to is that we want people to embrace their own purpose, God-given purpose. So it allows the Radiance Foundation to educate people about a number of pressing social issues, whether it is broken sexuality or postmodernism or abortion or adoption or elements of pop culture. It allows us to address all of those issues within the context of God-given purpose, whether people can live out their purpose or whether people are impeded from living out their purpose.

So, in addition to the campaign that illuminates the disproportionate impact of abortion on the black community, we also have Sally’s Lambs, which is our outreach to birth-moms, where we provide financial and material resources to birth mothers who choose adoption over abortion, or even choose parenthood over abortion.

LSN: Anything else coming up the pike?

Ryan: We are engaged in some new endeavors that I can’t really reveal right now, but we are excited about launching that. We want to continue to expose the public to abortion and expose Planned Parenthood: its history, its present practices, and we want to do that through television, through billboards, through radio, and we’re excited about a lot of new stuff that is just around the corner.

LSN: Very exciting. Do you have any remarks on the impact of the campaign?

Ryan: I think the most remarkable thing about the TooManyAborted [campaign] is when Planned Parenthood and its allies called a national phone conference back when the campaign was initially launched to strategize how to deal, how to respond to this campaign. It was quite flattering actually. But to see how God was able to use that campaign, and breathe through that campaign – I mean to see the media coverage, was so overwhelming. It was unbelievable.

But to get the attention of Planned Parenthood! We want to expose this evil and corrupt organization for what it is, because it kills children point-blank. It was exciting to be able to see that kind of response from them, because they are concerned. They need to be. Because there are a lot more people like me, a lot more organizations like ours, that are on the attack, that are exposing Planned Parenthood for what it is.

LSN: What about the reaction from leaders in the Black community? Are they starting to wake up through the campaign?

Ryan: Yes. What we saw in this campaign – in the State of Georgia for instance, remarkably we saw Democrats and Republicans behind the legislation that Georgia Right to Life was pushing at the same time we launched this campaign. The coalition that existed: NAACP chapter in Georgia, there were notable Black pastors like Creflo Dollar and others who all came together to support this. We hadn’t seen anything like that. So that was a huge benefit.

We do see Black pastors – it’s kind of a trickle, it wasn’t like any kind of flood of pastors coming in, but we have pastors who are coming on board, and said, “I never knew any of this. I want to do something about it.” And that is really encouraging because we are trying to reach out to leaders, to civic leaders, to pastors, to politicians to say: “Look, this is what Planned Parenthood is, this is how abortion decimates the Black community, what are you going to do about it?” So we are encouraged by it.

LSN: Thanks so much, Ryan. We really appreciate it.

Ryan: Thank you.

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