EL PASO, Texas, July 1, 2009 ( – In 1937, Planned Parenthood founder Margaret Sanger personally visited her gleaming new Planned Parenthood offices in El Paso, Texas. This past June 30, however, American Life League joined local pro-life activists in celebration of a major victory as all seven of the Planned Parenthood of El Paso facilities permanently close their doors.

The El Paso Planned Parenthoo group announced at a press conference Friday that it would shut down after 72 years of operation due to financial concerns, citing a drop in donations and government funds.

“Today, it is with deep heartfelt regret that I have to announce that Planned Parenthood Center of El Paso will close all of its care centers as of June 30, 2009,” Analinda Moreno, the El Paso group's interim CEO, told the press.

Rita Diller, director of American Life League's STOP Planned Parenthood project, said they expect “many more closures in the days to come, as people become aware of Planned Parenthood's sex-crazed birth control and abortion business.”

“What happened to Planned Parenthood of El Paso is part of a larger trend,” Diller said. “One by one, with hard work and prayer, these facilities are closing down, no matter how entrenched Planned Parenthood may seem to be in a particular community.”

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