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Finnish parliament building in Helsinki Ilari Nackel/Shutterstock

HELSINKI (LifeSiteNews) – Finnish lawmakers passed an amendment that will allow people to legally “change their gender” once a year. 

The Parliament of Finland voted 113-69 in favor of amending the country’s transgender laws. 

The new law will enable individuals in Finland who are 18 or older to legally change their gender once per year via self-declaration, without the need for a psychological assessment or prior medical interventions. 

Previously, people who wished to change their legal gender were required to undergo medical procedures and prove that they are sterile to legally “transition” into a different gender. The sterilization requirement of the existing law was intended to keep people who suffer from gender dysphoria from having children. 

Finland’s pro-LGBT Prime Minister Sanna Marin, who was raised by a lesbian couple (Marin’s mother and her female partner), said that the law was a “very important issue to me personally.” 

According to an Associated Press report, the “LGBTI rights advisor” of Amnesty International Finland, Matti Pihlajamaa said, [b]y passing this act, Finland has taken a major step towards protecting trans people’s rights and improving their lives and right to self-determination. 

Finland is not the first European country that introduced a gender “self-identification” law. Other countries have already adopted similar laws that allow for legal “sex changes,” even for minors, including Denmark, Norway, Ireland, Portugal, Switzerland, Spain, and Scotland. 

Germany proposed a law last year that would allow teenagers as young as 14 to legally change their gender, in some cases without the consent of their parents. 

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The continued push for transgender ideology by left-wing governments comes despite the evidence of the devastating physical and psychological harm that so-called “gender-affirming care” causes. Many European medical officials have repeatedly warned about the negative health consequences of transgender surgeries and drugs, especially for children. 

“The movement to promote ‘gender affirming care’ is profoundly dangerous and driven by ideology rather than evidence,” said Dr. Stanley Goldfarb, MD, chairman of the U.S. medical advocacy group “Do No Harm.” “At their core, medical professionals who support these efforts are violating the Hippocratic oath directive to ‘do no harm’ by ignoring key consequences of this type of ‘care,’ including the fact that underlying mental health concerns are usually not addressed … The procedures themselves can lead to physical impairment, including a lack of bone strength and brain maturation, and the loss of fertility. 

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