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ROCKLIN, California, August 24, 2017 (LifeSiteNews) — The Sacramento-area charter school already rocked by parental backlash over a five-year-old boy transitioning to a girl in kindergarten class last June has now sent a first grade student to the principal’s office for “misgendering” the boy.

The first grade student at Rocklin Academy Gateway inadvertently called the trans “girl” by his boy’s name on the playground earlier this week, Karen England, executive director of the Capitol Research Institute, told LifeSiteNews.

The first grader “knows the student’s name from last year, and innocently on the playground called him by his name, and was told she needed to refer to him as a ‘she’ and needed to refer to him by his new name, which the student said OK,” England said.

“But then later the student was later called into the principal’s office so that the incident could be investigated to see if it was intentional or not, as if six-year-old kids are even thinking about this.”

The parent met with the principal on Wednesday, England said, and the school reiterated to the parent “that their child needs to refer to this biological boy as a girl with the girl’s name.”

The first grade student was “upset” because she thought she was in trouble, England said, adding: “The parent is very concerned for their child. This was an innocent mistake.”

LifeSiteNews contacted Rocklin Academy Gateway and was referred to the Rocklin Academy school board, which did not return a call from LifeSiteNews by deadline.

Rocklin Academy Schools has been hit by parental backlash after a five-year-old boy in kindergarten class transitioned to a girl in June.

Parents weren’t told the child was transitioning and that the kindergarten class would introduced to his transition in a way that some parents say has traumatized their five-year-olds, who are now fearful they too will “change” to the opposite sex.

While accounts vary on the sequence of events, the kindergarten teacher read two pro-transgender books to the class on the second-to-last day before summer break.

According to a parent account provided by Greg Burt at California Family Council, somewhere in between these readings, the five-year-old boy “changed his clothes from boy clothes to girl clothes.”

England described what happened as a “transgender reveal exercise on one of the last days of kindergarten” where “ the young boy arrived at school a boy and left identifying as a girl.”

Parents were told a week later in a letter from principal Jillayne Antoon that the two books had been read in class, but not that the boy had transitioned to a girl, the parent stated.

The kindergarten teacher won’t say what happened that day, nor will the school board, England told LifeSite News.

Parents have been left to find out what happened from their children.

Regardless of just how the five-year-old boy’s transition took place, it’s not disputed that parents weren’t told about it beforehand, a number of his classmates have been left disturbed, and that several parents are angry.

And it now appears Rocklin Academy Gateway is doubling down on enforcing the boy’s “change” to a girl, with a visit to the principal’s office a possibility for any child who hasn’t gotten with the program.

According to CBS, the school board will address the issue during next month’s board meeting.


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