WASHINGTON, August 6, 2004 ( – Planned Parenthood (PP), the pro-abortion group which shocked even its own supporters with an “I had an abortion” pride T-shirt, is once again revealing its extreme sex obsession with another product.  The pro-abortion behemoth is now selling a 6-inch ruler that poses the sarcastic question, “Does Size Matter?” The ruler then directs children to, a web site filled with graphic sexual content that many parents find offensive. This web site was recently banned from public libraries in South Dakota.  Jim Sedlak, executive director of American Life League’s STOPP International, which counters PP, commented, “Planned Parenthood again shows us that they are not about helping kids, but about forcing their radical agenda on the public.  These types of materials and the Teenwire website are an attack on the vulnerability of our youth and a vehicle for Planned Parenthood to come between parents and their children.”“This is an organization that is shameless in its attempts to force its exploitive ideologies upon the public,” said Sedlak. “Because of this, we at American Life League encourage every parent in America to not only object to this latest Planned Parenthood stunt, but to act as a human filter and make sure your children aren’t able to access this free-sex, everything-is-okay drivel from this abortion organization.”  jhw