PORTLAND, Ore., Mar 26 (LSN) – An 80-year-old woman with breast cancer became the first known victim of Oregon’s Death with Dignity Act. First approved by voters in 1994 and again last year, the law sanctions doctors prescribing lethal drugs at the request of terminally ill patients who are suspected to have less than six months to live. Although five months have passed since the law took effect there have been no other known victims.  Last month the state forced taxpayers to pay for the killings when it made assisted suicide part of the state’s “health” plan for low-income residents. Gayle Atteberry of Oregon Right to Life told reporters, “It makes my heart break that we have stooped so low in society that we allow the terminally ill to kill themselves instead of reaching out with true compassion that would be being with them to the end.”“This is a tragic and sad day for Oregon and the United States,  ” said Bob Castagna, a spokesman for the Oregon Catholic Conference. “May God have mercy on all of us.”