WASHINGTON, August 19, 2004 ( – First lady Laura Bush has been front and center stage during the current U.S. presidential election campaign. In debates over the past several weeks, she expressed her agreement with the president’s position on limiting funding for stem cell research. She was interviewed by Washington Times reporter Bill Sammon Tuesday.

Sammon asked Mrs. Bush if she believed life begins at conception, to which she replied that she did. She reiterated support for her husband’s position opposing abortion. He asked if she was pro-life, she replied that “Yes, I think abortion should be rare.”

Sammon also asked if Mrs. Bush considered media coverage of the campaign to be fair and unbiased, to which she laughed “incredulously.”“I mean, I think it’s obvious in some parts of the media – some newspapers, some television networks – that there’s a bias,” she said. “Or an agenda – maybe I should say an agenda.”

She described how a conservative candidate such as her husband had to work much harder to win votes, because of an obvious liberal bias among journalists.  “That theory has been confirmed by influential journalists themselves,” Sammon admitted. “For example, Newsweek Assistant Managing Editor Evan Thomas recently acknowledged that the press wants Sen. John Kerry to win and thinks that is responsible for 15 percent of his support. ABC News political director Mark Halperin mused whether the press would root for the Massachusetts Democrat as vigorously as it did for Bill Clinton in 1992.”  Read the interview:   tv