OTTAWA, Feb 21 (LifeSiteNews) – The Liberal government has invoked closure on Bill C-23 today,  requiring the first vote on the Bill late in the day. Watch LifeSite for detailed coverage and a link to check the vote of your MP on this crucial legislation.

Pro-family groups are encouraging supporters to contact their MP’s on the issue as soon as possible. Although only 4 hours and 22 minutes of debate has occurred, the vote on closure will take place today passed (121-73) in spite of vehement opposition.  The House will vote on Second Reading of Bill C-23 at 6:30 pm (Eastern).

Meanwhile, despite the short time allowed for the bill’s deliberation, the Liberal and Progressive Conservative parties are showing division over the issue with Reform against the bill and the NDP and Block in support. LifeSite reported last week that Liberal MP John McKay stood up in the House to present his opposition to the bill. On the Tory side, MP Elsie Wayne has clashed with leader Joe Clark and demanded a free vote for the Tory caucus. Wayne is strongly opposed to the Liberal bill. At least one other Tory MP will also be voting against it.

To find your MP call Reference Canada at 1-800-667-3355 or visit the MP Finder web site

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