AUSTIN, July 12, 2012, ( – Five more abortion clinic workers have left the abortion industry because of Abby Johnson’s new ministry And Then There Were None.

One worker, who calls herself “Claire” for the sake of anonymity, is a single mother who was working at an abortion clinic for eight months before she said she “couldn’t take it anymore.” The clinic continues to ask her to return with offers of a higher salary, but because of ATTWN she was able to leave. However, she has not yet been able to secure another job.


Another former worker, “Amy,” is a single mother of four who began doing office work at an abortion mill but eventually began assisting with abortions. After she left her clinic, she was worried about how she would provide for her family and “what the legal implications for her would be if she came forward with information about illegal activity in her clinic.” ATTWN is offering her help.

“Mallory” is a single mother of seven who left the abortion industry after 17 years and is now supporting her family, including children in college, with a part-time job. She will also need help from ATTWN when she wants to bring to light some of the illegal activities that happened at her clinic.

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Abby Johnson quit her job as manager of a Texas Planned Parenthood in 2009, and is now helping other do the same with her new ministry. And Then There Were None—which offers emotional, spiritual, legal, and financial support to those leaving the abortion industry—has helped 22 abortion workers leave their jobs since being launched in June.

“I don’t know how to thank someone that saved my life.  I never thought I would be able to leave Planned Parenthood, but I did,” says one testimonial on ATTWN’s website. “I gained so much courage and strength after talking with Abby and networking with the people in ATTWN. I knew that whatever was thrown at me…lies, lawsuits, whatever…I would be able to get through it.”