June 8, 2012 ( – Two groups that work to prevent human rights abuses in China, China Aid and All Girls Allowed, have reported that a woman who is five months pregnant from the Hunan Province is being held at a hospital in Changsha city for violating China’s one-child policy and faces an imminent forced abortion if she does not consent to a voluntary abortion or pay a fine.

Cao Ruyi, 37, and her husband Li Fu have a six year old daughter. Her husband reports that Cao was taken from their home and “dragged by more than a dozen government family planning officials and security guards.”

Bob Fu, president of China Aid Association just last month assisted human rights dissident Chen Guangcheng in gaining his release from China testifying multiple times at congressional hearings and remaining in contact with Chen. Fu has been in touch with Cao’s husband since the arrest. Fu also spoke to a family planning official in Changsha City and was told that Cao had two options: “to abort the baby or pay over $24,000 penalty.”

From the China Aid report:

Bob Fu spent one hour talking with the family planning office chief of the pregnant woman and was trying to persuade her to have mercy. She was very stubborn and told Bob Fu unless the couple pay about US $23,500(RMB150,000) according to the “law” for “social burden” fee, she and her colleagues will “try their best for as long as possible to let her abort the baby voluntarily.”

All Girls Allowed reports that Ms. Cao has received at least one injection “that may be part of an effort to induce labor and kill the child inside.”
From All Girls Allowed:

They’re going to give me a second shot,” said Cao, who was distressed about receiving the injections. She said hospital workers told her the injection was anti-inflammatory, but pregnant women are not supposed to receive heavy anti-inflammatory doses. In recent instances, hospital workers have forcibly injected abortive chemicals in pregnant women under orders from family planning officials. Melissa Chan of Al Jazeera documented such a case in 2010.

Cao and her husband are asking for public support so they may keep their unborn child. Li Fu told Chia Ling, president of All Girls Allowed, “Help us – I will never sign the consent form, but we also need the public to help stop a forced abortion. Tell them to please help us!”

Contact information:

Changsha County Maternal and Child Health Hospital (People’s Hospital in Changsha County)
No. 53 Xiangchun Road, Changsha City, Hunan Province
Phone: +86-731-8433-2238 or +86-731-8406-9120
24-Hour Line: +86-731-8401-1900
Email: [email protected]


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