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TALLAHASSEE, Florida (LifeSiteNews) — Led by Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis, who has drawn both heavy fire from leftists and staunch support from conservatives for defending liberty against draconian COVID-19 restrictions and mandates, Florida has become the only state to refuse to pre-order doses of experimental COVID shots for young children.

Florida reportedly “missed a Tuesday deadline to request delivery of COVID-19 pediatric vaccines for children under 5, guaranteeing a delay in access for parents across the state,” according to McClatchyDC. All 49 other states have already placed orders for pediatric COVID doses.

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In a Wednesday statement, Florida’s Department of Health (DOH) announced that it will not participate in the rollout of COVID drugs for kids ages six months to five years old, saying the federal government’s “convoluted” vaccine policies do not align with Florida’s priorities.

“States do not need to be involved in the convoluted vaccine distribution process, especially when the federal government has a track record of developing inconsistent and unsustainable COVID-19 policies,” the DOH statement said. “It is also no surprise we chose not to participate in distribution of the COVID-19 vaccine when the Department does not recommend it for all children.”

In March, Florida’s DeSantis-appointed Surgeon General Joseph Ladapo had announced the Sunshine State would officially advise against giving experimental COVID-19 shots to healthy children, pushing back against advice from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).  Ladapo has frequently challenged the prevailing narrative surrounding masking, lockdowns, and COVID jabs.

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On Thursday Gov. DeSantis backed up the DOH’s decision not to stock up on COVID drugs for little children, arguing that  “the risks outweigh the benefits” and that parents who are concerned about their kids contracting the coronavirus “are really frightened … because of media hysteria, it’s because of a lot of misinformation.”

In a Thursday tweet, CNN’s Bill Weir observed that “49 states preordered COVID vaccines for kids under 5 so they’ll be ready as soon as there is FDA approval,” going on to slam Florida’s conservative COVID stance by adding, “Take a guess which state did not.”

Florida Governor’s Office Press Secretary Christina Pushaw responded to Weir by quipping, “The state everyone is moving to?”

The push to vaccinate young children comes despite the fact that children face extremely low risk from COVID-19. This combined with the thousands of reports of serious adverse events and deaths after the jabs has led numerous experts to criticize the push to inject children with the experimental shots.

Between 0.00%-0.02% of child COVID cases in the United States have resulted in death, according to the American Pediatric Association.

In an October article for the Brownstone Institute, Dr. Paul Elias Alexander, who served in the Department of Health and Human Services during the COVID-19 pandemic under the Trump administration, called the push to vaccinate young children “dangerous” and “absolutely reckless.”

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Meanwhile, Florida’s decision to opt out of securing COVID injections for young children comes after the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA)’s outside vaccine advisers on Wednesday gave the green light to Moderna’s COVID jabs for infants and children between ages six months and five years old, despite the fact that young children face a vanishingly small risk from the coronavirus.

FDA advisers are expected to weigh in on Pfizer’s double-dose mRNA shots for young kids soon.