MIAMI, August 29, 2003 ( – The Catholic Bishops of Florida have finally made a collective statement on the case of Terri Schiavo, the disabled woman whose estranged husband has been in a prolonged legal battle with her family to have Terri removed from her feeding tube, which would result in her death.  In a statement released Wednesday and signed by the eight Florida bishops, they “urge” that the court, which is set to schedule a date for removal of the feeding tube on September 11, take “additional time to allow greater certainty as to her true condition.”“If additional medical treatment can be shown to be helpful to her condition, we urge that all parties involved take the safer course and allow it to be used,” says the statement.  Ms. Schiavo’s parents and siblings believe the courts (specifically Judge George Greer of Pinellas) have shown extreme bias in favor of Terri’s husband, Michael Schiavo, who along with his new girlfriend wishes his ex-wife’s feeding tube removed. Though video evidence has been submitted of Terri responding to doctors and family members, Judge Greer has determined her responses to be reflexive or “inconsistent”.  Responding to some 27,000 requests for intervention, Florida Governor, Jeb Bush issued a letter to Judge Greer recommending that a Guardian ad Litem be appointed to Terri and that her medical treatment continue. Mr. Bush urged Judge Greer not to initiate an “exit protocol” for Terri.  As LifeSite reported Wednesday, the judge rejected Bush’s appeal.  In the meantime, the attorney for Terri’s parents has filed a motion for immediate therapy.  Terri’s family is urging supporters to sign a petition asking Governor Bush to issue a stay in the court proceedings and call for an investigation.  Sign the petition here:   See the statement by the Florida Catholic Conference and the Bush letter: