Florida Governor Urges Schiavo Abuse Investigation

CLEARWATER, Florida, February 25, 2005 ( – Florida Governor Jeb Bush has asked the court to delay the removal of Terri Schiavo’s feeding tube in order to conduct an investigation into allegations that her husband Michael Schiavo was physically abusive and is therefore unfit to be her legal guardian. 

Attorneys for Florida’s Department of Children and Families asked the court, through the Schindler’s attorney, that the emergency stay be delayed. One woman shouted “Amen” when the attorney brought up the request during Wednesday’s hearing before Pinellas County Circuit Judge George W. Greer, according to a Washington Post report. 

“We have been complaining and complaining and complaining that Terri has been abused, and it’s fallen on deaf ears,” Robert Schindler said afterwards. 

“The governor and the legislature—the politicians—have tried to do an end run around the court system,” attorney for Michael Schiavo, euthanasia campaigner George Felos, claimed.  Felos claimed Bush and the Schindler’s are just trying to delay the inevitable, because the court already ruled to allow the feeding tube’s removal in 2000. Terri Schiavo’s brain is “a giant black hole,” Felos said. 

Meanwhile, Terri Schiavo’s parents, Robert and Mary Schindler, plan to conduct a twenty-four hour vigil at Woodside Hospice in St. Petersburg. 

At least three on line petitions have circulated to encourage Gov. Bush to intervene in the case. One petition calls on Bush and the Florida legislature to enact a new law, the Florida Starvation and Dehydration of Persons with Disabilities Prevention Act, mandating, “courts rule in favor of lifesaving medical treatment unless a patient has stipulated in advance, in writing (such as a ‘living will’), before witnesses, that he or she does not wish such treatment,” according to a US News report. 

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