MIAMI, May 27, 2003 ( – A Florida judge has ruled that the abortion of an unborn child of a disabled rape victim can proceed, on grounds that the pregnancy could be “life-threatening” to the mother. The child is at 23 weeks gestation—almost 6 months. Late-term abortions are widely acknowledged to be more dangerous for mothers and certainly riskier than childbirth.  Miami-Dade Circuit Judge Arthur Rothenberg “authorized” doctors at Jackson Memorial Hospital not only to abort the 6-month unborn child, but to sterilize the young woman, who is severely handicapped but was raped more than once. “I’m glad she won’t have to suffer anymore,” said the unborn baby’s grandmother, who wanted Rothenberg to order the abortion.  It is not clear how the case will affect a still-awaited ruling in the case of another pregnant handicapped woman in Florida. In that case, Gov. Jeb Bush has asked the court to appoint a separate guardian for the unborn child but the judge postponed the decision.  For local coverage: