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TALLAHASSEE, Florida, February 7, 2020 (LifeSiteNews) – Florida lawmakers took another step toward strengthening the state’s parental involvement laws this week as a bill requiring a parent’s consent for a minor’s abortion passed the state Senate.

Florida already requires parents to be notified, but Senate Bill 404 forbids abortionists from going through with a minor’s abortion unless they receive a “notarized written statement signed by a minor and either her mother, her father, or her legal guardian” agreeing that “the abortion is in the best interest of the minor.” 

Consent would not be required in cases of “medical emergency” or if a judge grants a waiver. Judicial waivers must be based on finding “clear and convincing evidence” of the minor’s maturity to make the decision or else that a “preponderance of the evidence” indicates that her parents are sexually abusing her.

The bill passed the Senate 23-17 Thursday, the Miami Herald reports.

“This is about whether or not you’re going to have adults involved in difficult decisions with children,” argued Republican state Sen. Kelli Stargel, who relayed her own past as a pregnant teen who chose life in support of the measure.

Abortion defenders attacked the bill as imposing a needless burden on the so-called “right to choose.” In fact, while modern Supreme Court precedent falsely asserts that the Constitution contains a right to abortion, the court has also repeatedly recognized a legitimate state interest in protecting both prenatal life and women’s safety. Since Roe v. Wade, the Court has upheld numerous abortion restrictions, including parental notification and consent laws.

Last year, parental consent legislation passed the Florida House but died in the Senate; this year it is expected to have better luck in the House. Pro-life Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis is certain to sign SB 404 into law, as he has already called on the legislature to send it to his desk.