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Florida's Surgeon General Dr. Joseph Ladapo speaks during a press conference at the University of Miami Health System Don Soffer Clinical Research Center on May 17, 2022 in Miami, Florida. Photo by Joe Raedle/Getty Images

U.S. citizens: Demand Congress investigate soaring excess death rates 

(LifeSiteNews) — It is “absolutely possible” the COVID-19 mRNA shots can change DNA, according to Dr. Joseph Ladapo, the surgeon general of Florida.

Ladapo discussed the possibility recently during a January 15 episode on the Tucker Carlson Network.

Ladapo has attracted attention for his willingness to buck the medical establishment and raise concerns about COVID shots as well as oppose debilitating lockdowns and “vaccine passports.”

In early January, he called “for a halt to the use of mRNA COVID-19 vaccines,” as previously reported by LifeSiteNews. It came after the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) informed Ladapo of potential plasmid DNA contamination of the jabs, an issue raised in an academic paper last year.

The 45-year-old is a former medical professor at the University of California, Los Angeles. He has a medical degree and a doctorate from Harvard University. His Ph.D. is in health policy.

I remember at the beginning of the vax mandates, there were people on the fringes, as we say, who raised questions about the potential of this drug, this brand new, this novel vaccine, which wasn’t really a vaccine to affect people’s DNA,” Carlson said. “And they were immediately described as crazy.”

Asked if it was “conceivably possible that the mRNA vaccines change people’s DNA or could,” Ladapo said it was.

“It’s absolutely possible. I mean, we wouldn’t, I wouldn’t have issued this call to halt their use if that wasn’t possible,” Ladapo said. “On a factual basis, it is absolutely possible. There’s zero question about that.”

He said the DNA “can be affected” that can “make people sick.” Furthermore, the DNA changes can be potentially passed on to children.

He said the mere existence of DNA in vaccines is not necessarily a concern — our bodies can break down the DNA.

Rather, “this DNA” in the vaccines hangs on in the body and “comes into the cells,” which can create problems. In the past, DNA “would have a very hard time entering cells,” but now the DNA is entering the cells.

“This is a completely different risk analysis. That is obvious. You don’t need a Ph.D. to figure that out,” Ladapo said.

He said the FDA’s own “words” and “published guidance” is there “are situations when you need to confirm that DNA, that is a contaminant or foreign DNA, is not integrating into human DNA, into the human genome,” Ladapo said.

He said the state asked if the FDA had done the sequencing tests that are designed to test for contamination, but the agency did not provide a clear answer in its “10,000-[word]” response.

The surgeon general said he concluded, based on the FDA’s “nonchalant” and evasive response, that it had not done the sequencing tests.

Says investigations are warranted

He said it is “worth investigating” and explained possible areas of investigations.

He told Carlson:

Now, the real question is whether it is happening, if it is happening to the degree to which it’s happening, the location of effective cells and the potential for that to cause, whether it’s cancer or heritable characteristics or that is to say that is it affecting things like a woman’s eggs or a man’s sperm such that it could be passed on or whatever else it potentially could be causing, but it absolutely is a possibility. There’s zero question about that. The real question is whether it’s a possibility worth investigating. The obvious answer is yes. 

The mRNA shots have raised concerns about their effects on fertility, menstruation, and sperm count, as documented by LifeSiteNews.

He said, however, the FDA is not interested in looking into this issue further.

Well, that would change humanity if that were happening forever,’ Carlson said.

In response, Ladapo said he would “not be at all surprised” based on the way the COVID lockdowns have been carried out since March 2020.

“Frankly, the evil frequency from the beginning of this pandemic, the lockdowns, the forcing people to stay at home, the not having people allow[ed] to stay ‘bye-bye’ to the people they love,” Ladapo said.

He also criticized firing people who made the decision not to take the COVID jab after they worked as frontline workers.

COVID lockdowns included major cities requiring proof of the shots to simply eat a hamburger in a restaurant or watch a movie. As alluded to by Ladapo, some healthcare workers who worked through the pandemic were later fired or forced out for making the decision not to get jabbed.

“All the evil that has defined the frequency of policies during this pandemic, sadly, I mean I hate that that is a possibility, but sadly, I would not be at all surprised,” Ladapo said. He added it is “probably likely that that is in fact happening.”

This ‘round of mRNA vaccines’ could be changing humanity

Ladapo reiterated that it “is possible” the vaccines could be changing humanity, in response to Carlson’s question.

He stated:

If I had to place a bet on what the likely answer to that question is, yeah, I do think that it’s probably happening. I think it would be right in step and in sync with every terrible, horrible thing that we’ve seen happen during the pandemic as a result of people abandoning common sense, abandoning reasoning, abandoning humanity in pursuit of whatever their ideological or profits fueled or greed based or greed fueled desire is. Yeah, I think it would be quite consistent with that.

Ladapo says ‘spiritual war’ could be occurring

Carlson shared for the first time that he questioned if people’s “personalities” could change due to the vaccines, leading Ladapo to delve into the possibility of a “spiritual war.”

“I’m talking just as a human being, and someone who, like many of us,” try to live their lives based on the “truth.”

He talked about the “toll” of the vaccines, including “excess mortality,” an idea he said is probably true.

“I think that is just a part of what is, frankly, bad and evil behind the intention of these mRNA COVID vaccines and the whole entire pandemic policy approach,” Ladapo said.

He said the shots “can change things that you would not expect to change from people just taking a typical vaccine” like the flu shot.

Speaking as a “dad” and “husband” he said there is “absolutely” and “evil underlying frequency” to the shots, something he came to understand with his own “spiritual growth” and his “connection to God” and “other people.”

He said that he originally believed the shots were effective in reducing COVID, but now says they have “caused much worse in terms of adverse events” but also at a “spiritual level.”

“There’s something that is…is wrong with these [shots].”

Ladapo slams Operation Warp Speed, says ‘incredibly powerful forces’ stopped dissent

The interview wrapped up with Ladapo criticizing President Donald Trump and President Joe Biden’s administration for not discussing the possibility of the shots changing DNA.

He criticized Dr. Anthony Fauci “and other people who were involved in Operation Warp Speed” and returned to a spiritual discussion.

He said:

Tucker, I think what helps make this make sense, a sad sense is that, you know, you look back at the forces, I mean, incredibly powerful forces that were exerted and projected on the Earth and, you know, and the populations on this Earth. If at the start of this pandemic, incredibly powerful forces in terms of their imposition of a view about how to approach the pandemic that consumed everything and part of what it consumed was common sense, part of it, part of what it consumed was prudence. Part of what it consumed was good judgment. You know, part of what it consumed was human centeredness. Part of what it consumed was heart centeredness.

He repeated his concerns with the shots.

“This is DNA that is almost certainly going to make it into your cells, billions of fragments of it with each dose,” Ladapo said. “And this is not even mentioning the SB 40, an enhancer promoter DNA that was part of Pfizer’s. That is a specially bad type of DNA in terms of entering people’s cells.”

“I mean, those are obvious questions, but with all those forces that were exerted and unfortunately no force that was loud enough and strong enough to counterbalance it, there were people that you know of,” he said. 

However, skeptics of the shots, lockdowns, and other COVID restrictions were drowned out by “the forces that were being exerted and pressed on to the consciousness of the population.”

“What does it mean when you stop people, when you stop kids from being able to play outside? What does it mean when you stop young people from being able to pursue their dreams and their education and whatever other pursuits they have in mind? Those things were squeezed out because of the forces that were in place.”

U.S. citizens: Demand Congress investigate soaring excess death rates