TRUTH OR CONSEQUENCES, NM, July 30, 2012, ( – New Mexico State Police say a 29-year-old former deputy attempted to pay for an abortion to cover up his sexual relationship with a 15-year-old girl he met while on duty.

The office of Sierra County Sheriff Joe Baca said Noah Pestak met the minor after he picked her up as a runaway while serving in Truth or Consequences, New Mexico. 


After learning of her pregnancy, Pestak paid $425 for an abortion, scheduled to take place on May 23 or 24 – but the teen changed her mind after missing the appointment. Prosecutor Scot Key said Pestak hoped the abortion would “get rid of potential evidence” of a criminal sexual relationship with a minor. 

The age of consent in New Mexico is 16, or 18 if the adult is in a position of authority.

Last week’s arrest came just days after similar stories of adults turning to abortion to hide their sexual exploitation of minors were reported, spanning the globe from Indiana to India.

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A similar case saw a 21-year-old Ohio soccer coach, John Haller, pose as his 14-year-old victim’s father to grant “parental consent.”

“Abortion is the ultimate recourse for hiding the evidence of pedophilia,” said Georges Buscemi, president of Campagne Quebec-Vie, in reference to another case that occurred in Quebec last year.

Planned Parenthood stands to benefit by turning a blind eye to evidence of exploitation. Live Action released a series of video exposes in 2009 showing abortion clinic employees ignoring the sexual abuse of girls.


But Pestak’s story ended differently. Since abortion did not cover his tracks, the 29-year-old former police officer turned to “Plan B”: marriage. 

Two judges refused to authorize the marriage before state District Court Judge Kevin Sweazea issued the wedding license.

Pestak’s father, Magistrate Judge Thomas Pestak, acted as a witness for the marriage

Sheriff Joe Baca said state law required the three judges to report the rape to authorities, but they did not do so. In New Mexico, a 15-year-old can only get married if she is pregnant. 

“I would ask that all three judges step down, because what they did is something immoral,” Baca said.

New Mexico State Police began the investigation, which Sheriff Baca fully supports. He added that Pestak has quit his job as one of his deputies, pending an investigation for misuse of the force’s vehicles.

“We’re going forward with the matter because it’s something we can’t ignore,” Key said. “The crime has already been committed.” 

Pestak was released from jail Friday on a $25,000 bond.