HOLLYWOOD, June 28, 2013 ( – Children, teenagers, and “tweens” may recognize them from their years as the face of the Disney Channel, but the opinions some performers voiced this week on same-sex “marriage” are anything but family-friendly.


Demi Lovato, who began her career as a child star on Barney and Friends, later starred in the Disney Channel show Sonny with a Chance. She is now a judge in The X Factor.

Upon hearing of Wednesday's Supreme Court decisions striking down a portion of DOMA and allowing a judge to overturn California's Proposition 8, she responded, “Gay, straight, lesbian, bi.. No one is better than any one else.”

“What an incredible day for California AND for equality,” the troubled ex-child star said.

Nor was she alone. Nick Jonas of the Jonas Brothers tweeted, “We are all equal and have the right to love. So proud to be an American. #equality.”

The Jonas Brothers were marketed as a family-friendly act, wearing “purity rings” on stage, vowing to remain chaste until marriage, and charting singles on the Christian Adult Contemporary Chart early in their career.

However, Nick's brother Joe, confirmed he has ditched the ring.

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“That was something that we grew up with and just like anything I think you take some and leave some as you get older,” Joe said in a recent interview. “I’m at a place in my life now where I’m making decisions on my own, but I’m, of course, happy with the things I grew up with and I’m not ashamed of my past at all.”

The Disney Channel recently revealed it is weaving homosexuality into the plot of one of its popular programs. The show Good Luck Charlie will feature a two-mother lesbian “family” in early 2014 during its last season.

Disney was once boycotted for its gay-friendly company policies and decision to host special days for homosexuals at its children's theme parks.