COLORADO SPRINGS, June 7, 2001 ( – The prominent Evangelical Protestant ministry Focus on the Family has called on governments to de-ratify the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child, calling it a danger to children, parents and national sovereignty. The Focus criticism comes on the eve of the final preparatory committee meeting for the UN Special Session on Children. Negotiations in the Special Session have seen UNICEF pushing to tie the new document to the original Convention, with many governments resisting this move.

According to Focus on the Family a primary source of concern about the Convention on the Rights of the Child is the vague, open-ended nature of documentsâ principle goals. FOTC contends that because the principles are not explicitly defined they can be used as tools to advance radical ideological agendas. Signatory nations are responsible to a UN Committee on the Rights of the Child which monitors compliance to the CRC.

As an example Focus says that the “best interests of the child” are being interpreted by the Committee as governments providing psychological, legal, and medical services to children{195}{183}including sex education and abortion – without the consent of their parents. Parents are not a resource, but a problem to be circumvented. The CRC has come to portray parents “not as a resource, but a problem to be circumvented,” says Focus. This current action by Focus confirms what Campaign Life Coalition, Interim Publishing and LifeSite have frequently warned about the Convention since 1989.

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