OAHU, Hawaii, Dec 14 ( – Ann Hose, a prisoner at the Oahu Community Correctional Center in Hawaii, launched a lawsuit December 1 against the state of Hawaii, Oahu Community Correctional Center and several officials of the state Department of Public Safety, over the killing of her unborn baby against her wishes. 

Hose, who is in custody on bank fraud charges, was two to three months pregnant at the time of her arrest and says she “clearly informed” prison personnel of this fact. She wanted to keep her baby, but she claims that a prison nurse, over her objections, injected Depo-Provera into her abdomen killing her baby. Hose’s lawyer Myles S. Brenier says that prison medical records support Hose’s version of the events. 

Brenier told the Star Tribune that his client asked to call her husband before getting the shot but was not allowed to do so. Brenier said she was also told she would be put in solitary lock-down and labeled a troublemaker if the intake process, during which she was injected, did not go smoothly. She was not informed that the injection might harm her baby. 

With files from Pro-Life Info-Net.