LINYI, October 26, 2005 ( – Despite claims by some Chinese authorities that forced abortion and sterilization is illegal, a massive program underway since March in China’s Shandong province still goes on unabated.

Bowing to international pressure in 2002, China claims to have made a change to its forced abortion and sterilization policy; the new law states that only financial “incentives” such as monetary fines of up to a year’s wages, can be used to induce compliance.

A report from India’s Sunday Telegraph confirms that the abuse continues. “More than 120,000 people in eastern Shandong province alone have been forced to undergo abortions and sterilisations over the past few months said Chen Guangcheng, 34, a blind social activist from Linyi town in eastern Shandong where some of the worst cases occurred”. The Telegraph reports the story of farmers Zhu Hong Ying and her husband, Xia Jian Dong, from the Linyi region; the area where Chen Guangcheng alerted the world about the abuses this summer.

Zhu fled to Linyi city after learning that authorities were brutally enforcing the One Child policy in March. After her three sisters were arrested, Zhu returned; her son was forcibly aborted by having a needle filled with poison injected into her womb. Looking at her dead son after he was delivered still-born the following day was “the most heartbreaking moment of my life,” Zhu said.

Xia said a nurse then dumped the baby in a black garbage bag, instructing him to throw it into the back of a truck parked outside. “It had a large container kind of thing at the back,” he said emotionally. “When I opened the door and looked in it was full of black bags and blood.”

Meanwhile Chen Guangcheng was again the victim of a beating from authorities for the second time in a month, according to a Radio Free Asia report. “(They) started beating and kicking him,” Chen’s cousin Chen Guangli said. “He fell to the ground five or six times. He is a blind man. He could not see them.” Chen was reportedly trying to leave his home to welcome visitors, when he was attacked by the guards who ensure Chen does not violate his house arrest.

Nine assailants, including two authorities, participated in the beating. One officer told RFA, “His injury is not a big deal.” Chen’s cousin reported that he had not been allowed to receive medical attention.

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