FRONT ROYAL, Virginia, March 9, 2004 ( – The Population Research Institute has revealed that coerced abortion is a reality in America. A court ruled that a woman can be forced to submit to an abortion, if, in the opinion of the abortionist, the measure is necessary to “protect the health of the mother.” The Jane Roe II vs. Aware Women Center for Choice, Inc. ruling was handed down in January. The case arose when a young woman who entered an abortion clinic for an abortion changed her mind. The abortionist, William P. Egherman, who has committed over 10,000 abortions, instead of stopping the procedure, called in assistants to hold her down while he continued to dilate her cervix.

“My God, you’re hurting me” the woman screamed. “You’re killing me, I’ll never be able to have babiesâEUR¦ Stop!” Despite her pleas, Egherman went in with a forceps, an instrument in court he referred to as “the bear” and began prodding and pulling, and accidentally tore out a piece of her intestines. He advised the ambulance to go slow, without lights or siren, so as not to distress his other clients who were waiting for abortions. The hospital repaired the damage and removed the remains of a dead child. The woman and her lawyer, former judge, Chris Sapp filed suit in the federal courts, arguing that the abortionist had violated the Freedom of Access to Clinic Entrances Act (FACE). FACE was passed to guarantee the right of women to receive reproductive health care. But if a woman had a right to enter a clinic to get an abortion, Sapp argued, she also has a right to leave a clinic in order to protect herself and her baby. The suit was lost, but an appeal is planned—to the US Supreme Court if necessary. According to Sapp, “This ruling does establish a precedent for forced abortion.” An expectant mother receiving a routine gynecological exam, for example, could be held down and forcibly aborted. The abortionist would merely have to argue that the abortion was necessary to protect the mother’s health or life, and this would not be a violation of the FACE Act. PRI recently learned of another forced abortion in America. A 25-year-old Maryland woman, four months pregnant, changed her mind about having an abortion after being taken to the procedure room. She ran back to the clinic entrance where her boyfriend stopped her. “You have to get an abortion”, he told her. “I’ve already paid for it”. Three clinic workers and the abortionists surrounded the woman, sedated her by injection, and then took her back into the procedure room. After the forced abortion, she awoke in a closet. Read the PRI report at: Oregon coverage: Massachusetts and Maine coverage: New Jersey coverage:—gaymarriage0308mar08,0,875144.story New York coverage:—gaymarriage-newpa0308mar08,0,4806216.story