By John-Henry Westen

2007 started off with a bang when thanks to our story pointing out a gross misrepresentation by the New York Times about abortion in El Salvador, the paper was forced to correct itself.

When the public editor of the giant newspaper could not get a correction from the editors, he admitted in the paper that the NYT was caught in the error by “”.

Every major talk show, both radio and television in the United States covered the story, and a couple of weeks after the Times did finally issue a correction. The story also spread like wildfire throughout El Salvador.

Five weeks after our original expose the NYT finally issued a correction.

But that was only one of our success stories this year, there are so many more I can’t possibly mention them all, but here are just a few other ways LifeSiteNews and YOU, by your reading and acting on’s news items have had an impact for life and family all over the world:


In addition to the New York Times, was the first news service to put out the story of the San Francisco Archbishop who was filmed giving Communion to homosexual activists dressed as nuns.  It exploded from there into many other news services. Eventually the Archbishop publicly apologized. But as with many other things, that story continues . . .

LifeSiteNews also produced, likely by far the Internet’s most extensive series of reports, with numerous photos, of the 2007 March for Life in Washington, D.C. last January. There were 14 reports related to events or notable personalities at the March. We have reported on the March in three of the last 4 years and hope our stories are encouraging more to come to the important events in Washington each year. The 2008 March for Life will take place on Tuesday Jan. 22. Here are only a few of the reports:

Much more recently, we were the very first to report each of:
1. The Catholic League’s strong criticism of USCCB film critic Harry Forbes’s praise for The Golden Compass movie,
2. Fr. Tom Euteneuer’s call for Forbes’s resignation and,
3. The fact that the agency which was going to promote ads for the movie to Catholic newspapers is associated with the Archdiocese of Baltimore. The promotion was scrapped during our enquiries about it.

Germany: and our readers played a part in having the German Government pull two official booklets encouraging masturbation for children and even infants.

And speaking of Germany, our readers and activists also played a part in supporting the freedom of a Christian homeschooling family there against authorities who were bent on taking away all the family’s children.


Only one day after a story exposed the fact that a Ukrainian Catholic priest in Toronto had backed the nomination of a pro-abortion federal politician, the Ukrainian Catholic Bishop publicly reprimanded the priest in a release to, which included a public apology by the priest in question.

A Social Justice conference by the Catholic Archdiocese of Winnipeg cancelled a planned speaker after pointed out that while it was true that he was a peace activist, he was also a very public homosexual activist, contrary to Catholic moral teaching.

LifeSiteNews is the major Internet news source each year for reports on the annual National March for Life in Canada’s capital. This year we published 10 reports related to the March for Life events and a large number of photographs. Each year the march gets larger and LifeSiteNews plays a major role in reporting the significance of the events. The 2008 March for Life take place May 7-9. See a few of the reports:

Bloggers Trump Mainstream Media With YouTube Videos of Canadian March for Life


Thanks to’s pointing it out, more than 17,000 people were introduced to and downloaded a very powerful tool for pro-life evangelization – namely the “Happy Birthday” music video by the rap group Flipsyde.

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