Thu Aug 24, 2000 - 12:15 pm EST

MEXICO, Aug 24 ( - Bill Whatcott of the Saskatchewan-based Christian Truth Activists is declaring his recent trip to Mexico with nine other Canadian and American pro-life activists a success. A report by CBC today indicates that “Mexican authorities said they will prohibit Canadian activists who participated in an anti-abortion demonstration from returning to Mexico for five years, the government news agency Notimex reported.”

Mexico has a law prohibiting involvement by foreigners in domestic politics, reports CBC. Pro-abortion forces tried to have the pro-lifers deported on the basis of that law. Mr. Whatcott said that this strategy actually “helped [them] out even more, as it was inconsistent to call for our deportation, while foreign pro-abortionists have been holding press conferences and demonstrations for years demanding that Mexico change it’s laws to allow for the killing of the pre-born.” Mr. Whatcott attributed the international coverage of the protest to this move by the abortion advocates.

In Mexico itself, he said, “the press coverage was fantastic. Our signs were shown in all 9 of Mexico’s dailies and on the front page of 5 of the papers. Television coverage was also extensive across the nation.” He claimed that they “shut down one abortuary in Mexico City for good.” He said that they weren’t aware until they arrived in the country that they had appeared in the middle of a controversial domestic debate over liberalizing abortion laws. Even without the help of the foreigners, the abortion controversy in Mexico has raised tensions among opposing forces, requiring the intervention of president-elect Vicente Fox, reported CNN yesterday.

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