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WASHINGTON, DC - JANUARY 20: Hunter Biden and Barbara Bush arrive to the inauguration of President Joe Biden on the West Front of the U.S. Capitol on January 20, 2021 in Washington, DC.Win McNamee / Getty Images

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(LifeSiteNews) — A forensic examination has affirmed that the scandalous laptop said to belong to U.S. President Joe Biden’s son Hunter – which had been labeled “Russian disinformation” and widely censored on social media platforms –  is indeed “100% authentic.” 

On Tuesday, The Washington Examiner reported that a cyberforensics expert had conducted a comprehensive examination of a copy of Hunter Biden’s hard drive. According to the Examiner, the analysis found that the drive “is indisputably authentic, and there is no evidence of any hacking or file manipulation.”

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The examination was conducted by Konstantinos “Gus” Dimitrelos, a former Secret Service agent who “has testified as a cyberforensics expert in over 100 classified, criminal, and civil matters at the state, federal, and international levels,” according to the outlet.

To arrive at his conclusion, Dimitrelos reportedly employed a technique called “digital sandwiching,” in which he “cross-referenced thousands of emails, documents, business records, text messages, Apple Notes, photos, geolocation data, travel records, and other information on the drive,” ultimately determining that Hunter Biden was “the only person capable of producing the data.”

The apparent confirmation of the authenticity of the laptop comes after The New York Times and other legacy media outlets were forced to acknowledge the legitimacy of the infamous computer, which had been dubbed the “laptop from Hell” by former U.S. President Donald Trump.

In March, The New York Times made waves by admitting in a comprehensive report on the federal probe into Hunter Biden’s tax filings that the laptop and its shocking contents were indeed real.

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The admission generated considerable buzz among conservative commentators and politicians, with some arguing that the suppression of the story by legacy news outlets and social media companies is at least as newsworthy as the laptop itself. 

In addition to scandalous photos, the laptop contains a trove of emails and other files which suggest that Joe Biden’s son was engaged in high-profile influence-peddling schemes in countries including China, Russia, and Ukraine while his father was Vice President of the United States.