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(LifeSiteNews) — A devoted Christian professional basketball player has stepped up to the plate to dislodge Democrat Ilhan Omar from her seat in Congress in 2024.

Royce White, a black, 33-year-old “father and patriot,” has come out with a message that challenges Omar and woke, globalist, neo-Marxist Democrats in government: “You cannot have freedom without self-governance. You cannot have self-governance without faith and sacred honor.” 

“I’m running for United States [Congress] and when I get to that [House] floor,” White said, “I’m bringing hell with me, but actually that’s just a saying. More importantly, I’m going to bring Christ with me. I’m going to bring righteousness with me.”  

“I’m going to rebuke and refute,” he continued. “I’m going to bear witness. I’m going to testify to the wickedness and the corruption and the dishonesty of all you sellouts.”   

“We are building a movement,” White announced on his campaign website:  

No matter your race, creed, color, or beliefs, our country is being held captive by the corrupt. They seek to distort reality, pervert our children, put us into submission with pandemics and medication, and cause chaos and violence to keep us divided.

Ilhan Omar takes orders from them. She must be replaced. 

White explained his allegiance to the Republican Party in general and to the movement to “Make America Great Again” in particular in simple, binary terms.   

“There’s one party that always votes for the expansion of the federal government,” and “there’s the other party [that] is in a full-blown civil war within [itself] to restore the value of citizenship, part of which means to shrink the federal government so that it doesn’t bastardize and undermine the meaning of community and the autonomy of the individual.” 

“That would be the MAGA movement within the Republican Party,” he added.  

A ‘younger, smash-mouth populist’ Republican

White, who previously had an unsuccessful run in the GOP primary in Omar’s district, further identifies himself as part of the “younger, smash-mouth [a sports term referring to aggressive, confrontational play] populist Republicans,” who refuse to “play by the same rules” as others, not unlike Donald J. Trump, whose 2024 presidential candidacy he supports.  

His colorful language, often peppered with f-bombs, backs up his claim of not “playing by the same rules,” but that language might be just what is necessary to catch the attention of and break through to young and disenfranchised blacks who have routinely supported left-wing candidates – who then repeatedly seize the opportunity to abuse and steal wealth from the black community.  

“The farce of it is that the Democrat Party could in any way be a party ‘of the people.’ They’re not a party of the people, [they’re] a party of the government!” White said.  

“It’s very, very simple,” he explained. “The more money you give the federal government, the more power you give [it],” and “the more lenience you give the federal government to expand and tax, the more power you give the federal government to tell you when, where, why, how you can live.” 

“The great lie that has been told… to black people after the Civil Rights Act was passed is that the only way we can have freedom in this country is if we expand the welfare state or the federal government as a whole to the widest limits possible,” White said in a video on his campaign website 

White said that to the globalists and the Democrats in this country doing their bidding, “We are the inventory of a radical materialist society that has become openly anti-God, openly anti-moral.”  

“Black women have been systemically incentivized to up-root any family structure, to sabotage any family structure,” White said, “and it’s cost the black community a great deal.” 

Fully awake 

“Christian men have woken up to say enough is enough. Libertarians and anyone else is welcome! But my faith in Christ has called me to duty. My faith informs my faith in America,” White said.  

“If this nation fails or falls into complete darkness, it won’t be on my watch,” he promised. 

White has pledged to support Trump, saying that he’s “machine gunning … on the six, coming right up behind.”   

“I am providing the cover fire for this whole little race scam [Democrats] got running.”  

After Donald Trump’s arrest at the Fulton County jail in Georgia, White posted on X (formerly Twitter) a video of Trump’s motorcade being cheered by black residents lining the roadway: