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September 10, 2012 ( – Former Baywatch star Donna D’errico says that she has turned away from her previous lifestyle as a buxom Playboy playmate to become a Mass-going mom of two – and she will never vote for Barack Obama.

D’Errico made headlines this summer when an image of her bruised face hit the Internet, injuries sustained during her journey to find Noah’s Ark on Mount Ararat.

In response came a flurry of interviews for the 44-year-old mom of two, who opened up about a much deeper journey on the spiritual plain. The proud, Scapular-wearing, Mass-going Catholic now says she prays the Rosary with her children, age 19 and 11, each night.

In a Fox News interview, D’Errico said that the woman who lived her former life – she was once “Playboy playmate of the month” in 1995 – now seems “like another person.”

“I’ve made mistakes and choices in my past that I wouldn’t make today,” she said. “That’s a chapter in my life that I’ve closed the door on. It seems to me like another person. It’s not who I am today.”

While she doesn’t support Mitt Romney, she says, there’s “no way” she’s voting for Barack Obama instead: her heart is still with pro-life and pro-family Rep. Ron Paul. “I’m not supporting Barack Obama, no way. I’m still supporting Ron Paul to be honest with you. My support for him has never wavered,” said D’Errico.

When a Catholic reporter with Ignitum Today asked D’Errico to give advice to young women who find themselves struggling against the vicious cycle of female objectification and loss of self-esteem in modern society, D’Errico’s answer was blunt.

“Pray the Rosary every day. Attend Mass every Sunday. Go to Confession regularly. If you do these things, you will be able to withstand and get through anything,” she said. “I know what it’s like to be led astray and fall into a life of sin.

“I know how easy that is. I’ve lived it. I also know what it’s like to come back.”

D’Errico says her lifelong dream of searching for the Ark in Turkey took root in December 2010 when she survived a dangerous MRSA infection doctors had thought would take her life.  After finally setting out this summer, the odyssey came to an abrupt halt when a major fall left her injured – but she says she hopes soon to try again.

Meanwhile, the adventure revealed another mile marker for her personal journey: D’Errico says the title of “explorer” has been a welcome upgrade from “babe.”

When media outlets called her “Explorer, Donna D’Errico”, the former model said, “I was without words.” ” I’m so used to being referred to as an actress, former Baywatch ‘babe’, etc., that I was caught off-guard,” she said. “It’s nice to be recognized as an explorer.  I like the title.”