LONDON, October 16, 2001 ( – Former Canadian abortionist, Dr. Richard Neale, will not face criminal charges in Britain, it was confirmed on Monday. The Crown Prosecution Service said they did not find enough evidence to convict Neale of criminal recklessness or assault.

In July 2000, England’s General Medical Council found Neale guilty of incompetence and negligence. He was found guilty in 36 out of 37 cases brought against him. He was also found guilty of lying about his qualifications and being rude to the women he treated. Reports detailed how Neale was dubbed “Bloody Dr. Neale” and “the Butcher” due to his mistreatment of patients during surgery.

Both Canadian and UK reports on the case failed to mention the fact that Neale did abortions, merely referring to him as a “gynecologist.”

Forty Canadian women have launched complaints against Neale for incidents that occurred in Canada. The National Post reported that three Canadian women died in his care and LifeSite reported earlier that at least one of those deaths was due to a botched abortion. Despite having been stripped of his medical licence in Canada, Neale was nevertheless allowed to practice in England. His suspension and the investigation in Britain took place after 60 women publicly came forward to say that they had suffered needlessly while in his care.

While in Canada in the 1980’s, Neale wrote a letter to the Globe and Mail complaining of the “endless stream of young girls who come seeking termination of their pregnancies.”

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