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(LifeSiteNews) – Former Canadian ambassador to China David Mulroney said Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s opposition to launching a full independent public inquiry into alleged interference in Canada’s elections by China only serves to embolden the communist regime even more.

Mulroney told LifeSiteNews that Trudeau’s inaction “ignores the seriousness of foreign interference of any extent and makes a mockery of the government’s responsibility to protect the democratic rights of every Canadian.”

“Beijing will be encouraged by the Trudeau government’s response of ‘nothing to see here,’” he added.

Mulroney served as the lead on Canada’s diplomatic mission in China from 2009 to 2012.

In recent weeks, there has been a steady and ongoing stream of leaks from a Canadian Security and Intelligence Service (CSIS) official to the media detailing how the Communist Chinese Party (CCP) has been allegedly interfering in Canada’s most recent federal elections.

Over the weekend, the CSIS official who has been steadily leaking confidential information to the media regarding alleged interference in Canada’s elections by China said exposing interference must be done to protect the future of the integrity of the process.

Mulroney told LifeSiteNews that it is his opinion that there is ever-growing frustration in CSIS regarding “inaction” by the Trudeau government.

“My sense is that continuing inaction by the federal government in the face of mounting evidence has fueled tremendous anxiety and frustration within CSIS,” Mulroney noted.

“This has been exacerbated by the tendency of the Prime Minister and his colleagues to move the goal posts, arguing that we have nothing to worry about so long as the ultimate result Canada-wide was not affected.”

Last week, Mulroney said there is “abundant evidence” showing how the CCP has in place a long-term plan to persuade and groom Canadian politicians at all levels of government to be favorable to the regime.

Opposition parties, notably the Conservative Party of Canada (CPC), have been for weeks demanding that Trudeau launch a full, independent, public inquiry over the China election meddling scandal.

Under threat of his government being potentially forced to face a confidence vote, Trudeau said Chief of Staff Katie Telford will now appear before the House Affairs committee to testify concerning alleged interference in Canada’s elections by China.

Trudeau’s sudden reversal comes after NDP leader Jagmeet Singh said his party would vote in favor of a CPC motion, which would have forced Telford to testify if Trudeau had not ended the filibuster.

The CPC today brought forth its motion in the House of Commons to look into the election meddling scandal. However, it did not pass, as the NDP voted with the Liberals in opposing it, due to Trudeau allowing Telford to testify.

CPC leader Pierre Poilievre before today had accused Singh of “hiding behind his Liberal bosses” and helping “cover up” Chinese election interference.

Poilievre has said an independent public inquiry is needed to get to the bottom of the China/Canada election meddling scandal.

However, Trudeau last week appointed an “independent special rapporteur” in lieu of a public inquiry that MPs from all opposition parties had requested.

Of note is that the “independent” rapporteur is former Governor General David Johnston, who is a longtime family friend and member of the Pierre Elliot Trudeau Foundation. The opposition Conservative Party of Canada blasted the appointment.

The potential interference by foreign agents has many Canadians concerned, especially considering Trudeau’s past praise for China’s “basic dictatorship” and his labeling of the dictatorial nation as his favorite country other than his own.

During testimony before the House of Commons ethics committee last week as well, Chinese-Canadian filmmaker Cheuk Kwan revealed that he witnessed firsthand proxies of the CCP take busloads of people to vote for their preferred nomination candidate.

A couple of weeks ago, LifeSiteNews highlighted how two new reports from Canada’s national security agency reveal that the Communist Chinese government was allegedly funding Canadian political candidates in the 2019 federal election.