TORONTO, November 23, 2004 ( – A Canadian homosexual “marriage” advocacy group announced Monday the presentation of their “10th annual International Role Model Award,” to former Prime Minister Jean Chretien, for his role in advocating acceptance of same-sex “marriage” in the country.  “As Canada’s Prime Minister, Jean Chretien championed same-sex marriage,” Equality Forum executive director Malcolm Lazin said. “In 2003, then Prime Minister Chretien called on Canadian citizens to support marriage equality. This impressive support by Mr. Chretien demonstrates the importance to Canadians of minority rights and separation of church and state.”  According to the Equality Forum news, Chretien is expected to attend a gala to accept the award in April.  “Jean Chretien is an especially worthy candidate,” according to the Equality Forum’s vice president, Michele Bogrette. “He is a devout Catholic, who adhered to his public responsibility of equality for all Canadian citizens. With his impetus, most of Canada’s provinces legally sanction same-sex marriage,” she said.  Read related coverage:  Outgoing Prime Minister Chretien Finds His Own Betrayal of Catholic Faith Unbelievable   Prime Minister’s “Eternal Salvation is in Jeopardy” Says Canadian Bishop   tv