Former Chief Justice Moore Supporter wins Republican Nomination for Alabama Supreme Court

MONTGOMERY, Alabama, June 7, 2004 ( - Tom Parker won the Republican nomination last week as a justice for the Alabama Supreme Court. A former attorney for the court, Parker defeated incumbent Supreme Court Justice Jean Brown, over what analysts are calling a public statement of support for former Chief Justice Roy Moore, fired last year for refusing to follow a U.S. Supreme Court ordinance to remove the Ten Commandments monument. Parker was an ardent supporter and member of Chief Justice Moore’s staff, whereas Justice Brown voted to have the monument removed. Justice Brown reportedly outspent Parker on her campaign by a margin of 6 to1.  Vision Forum, Inc., president Douglas W. Phillips, Esq., said, “The defeat of Mrs. Brown is another sign that Alabamians will not tolerate judicial tyranny, and that there still is a witness in the state of Christians who understand that no government official may ever contradict the higher law of God, let alone the Constitution.”“The Parker campaign demonstrated the continuing significance of the issue of the right of the people to stand against unlawful court orders and the duty of civil magistrates to reject as unlawful all such orders,” Phillips continued. “It also demonstrated that Christian voters are willing to withhold their votes from Republicans (like Jean Brown) who claim to be for the Ten Commandments, but who join hands with those who vigorously work to persecute those public officials who are willing to lose everything for the right to acknowledge the God of the Ten Commandments.”  Parker will face Democratic nominee Robert Smith in the November election.  John Giles, president of the Christian Coalition of Alabama (CCA) told Agape Press that the CCA has “maintained all along that any person or elected official that was directly involved in the removal of the Ten Commandments or the removal of the chief justice does have serious political challenges ahead of him.”  Giles said that the only incumbent who lost the nomination, Justice Brown, was also the only justice opposed to Chief Justice Moore’s plight to retain the Ten Commandments monument.  Read former coverage:  Supreme Court Rejection of Ten Commandments Case Reveals Court Hostility Towards Religion   Justice Moore Removed While Court Rules Ten Commandments Display Constitutional

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