TORONTO, January 31, 2003 ( – The Toronto Star reports today that   Fr. Gordon Davies, former dean of studies at St. Augustine Seminary who left his position and the priesthood two years ago, is now attempting to develop a retirement home for gays and lesbians in Toronto.  Sources told LifeSite that Fr. Davies’ departure from the Catholic seminary and his abandonment of his University of Toronto teaching position with tenure was very strange and unexpected.

The Toronto Star seemed to relish its interview with the former priest. The very liberal Star has for many years been a frequent critic of the Catholic Church and especially its moral teachings.

The past few years have seen significant improvements at the seminary which is now headed by an exceptional rector, dean of studies and director of spiritual formation who are working to restore the major Canadian seminary to its faithful reputation of many years ago.  See the Star article   See TORONTO SEMINARY SUPPORTS PRO-LIFE MOVEMENT, DISAGREES WITH PROF’S STATEMENTS