NORFOLK, VA, December 21, 2001 ( – “The pro-life movement needs to take a serious look at in vitro fertilization,” said Judie Brown, president of American Life League. “Every in vitro fertilization procedure results in dead babies.”

American Life League supporters, dressed in T-shirts bearing the label “former embryo,” will gathered outside the Jones Institute for Reproductive Medicine today to address the pitfalls of in vitro fertilization. This event kicks off a series of protests at in vitro fertilization clinics across the country. The campaign will educate people about the reprehensible nature of the process.

The in vitro fertilization process, which is performed at the Jones Institute, destroys up to 9 embryonic human beings for every one pregnancy brought to term. On July 11, the Washington Post reported that the Jones Institute was also creating human embryos specifically to be destroyed for research. December 28 is the 20th anniversary of the first IVF birth in the United States. The baby born in 1981 was the result of the program at Jones Institute.