PERTH, Australia, May 19, 2011 ( – A scientist who was once a top proponent of man-made global warming has said that he now believes the theory is not only false, but is being exploited by governments in hopes that riding energy fears “might even lead to world government.”


Dr. David Evans, an engineer and former consultant for the Australian Greenhouse Office (now the Department of Climate Change), told the Anti-Carbon-Tax Rally in Perth, Australia, on March 23 that the global warming debate “has reached ridiculous proportions and is full of micro-thin half-truths and misunderstandings.”

“I am a scientist who was on the carbon gravy train, understands the evidence, was once an alarmist, but am now a skeptic,” said Evans.

The scientist said, “The whole idea that carbon dioxide is the main cause of the recent global warming is based on a guess that was proved false by empirical evidence during the 1990s.

“But the gravy train was too big, with too many jobs, industries, trading profits, political careers, and the possibility of world government and total control riding on the outcome. So rather than admit they were wrong, the governments, and their tame climate scientists, now outrageously maintain the fiction that carbon dioxide is a dangerous pollutant.”

Evans claimed that a crucial tenet of global warming theory – that carbon dioxide could make the atmosphere retain extra moisture – has been debunked by the evidence. In addition, he claimed that official air temperature readings have been rigged by the placement of thermometers near artificial heating sources.

But although the alarmists’ theory of man-made global warming is “now a known falsehood,” said Evans, “Governments gleefully accept their advice, because the only ways to curb emissions are to impose taxes and extend government control over all energy use. And to curb emissions on a world scale might even lead to world government — how exciting for the political class!”

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