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Homosexual activist turned Catholic James ParkerHLI Ireland / YouTube

(LifeSiteNews) — A former pro-homosexual activist has urged for renewed vigor in fighting the “invisible war” against the LGBT agenda.

Last month, former homosexual activist James Parker gave his testimony on the Human Life International Ireland weekly talk show, revealing the inner workings of the LGBT movement and solutions to fight against it.  

In his testimony, Parker relayed how at the age of 17 he became the first boy to publicly identity as gay in both his Catholic high school, and later his Catholic college in London, England. After coming out, Parker became an active proponent of gay “rights.”

Parker attributed his dedication to the movement to his complete belief that he had been “born gay” and “was 100 percent same-sex attracted, unquestionably.” 

During this time, Parker also remembered thinking he was a woman trapped in a man’s body.

He remained actively homosexual for several years until someone asked him, “Do you want more love in your life?” Parker was struck with the question and responded, “Who doesn’t?” 

This began Parker’s journey to understand God’s love for him. While he was not raised Catholic, Parker began to delve into the teachings of the Catholic Church. However, more than the teachings, Parker was struck by the fact that, “Christ wanted to be in relationship with me.” 

“I experienced a touch of God’s love in my life,” he remembered.  

Parker’s journey inspired his long-term boyfriend, who was a lapsed Catholic, to question his own life. After a few months, both men realized their lifestyle was contradictory to God’s plan and so they ended their relationship.  

As he continued to search for the truth in his life, Parker began to see a Christian therapist and Catholic spiritual director. “It was here that I realized actually the goal that God had for my life was for me to be holy,” Parker recalled, adding that holiness has nothing to do with “homosexuality or heterosexuality.”  

“The more that I began to repair aspects of the past, the true man within me began to grow,” he added. “My same-sex attraction seriously began over time to diminish.” 

“Nobody was planning that,” Parker revealed. “I wasn’t even seeking after it. It was just a by-product of the great healthy situation that I found myself in whilst also engaging with the Church’s teaching with God’s word and a very deep spiritual life.” 

Over time, Parker began to find women attractive and was eventually married and became a father. He found himself “choosing a life opposite of everything that the culture and the society were telling me.” 

A plan long in the making 

During the HLI Ireland interview, Parker revealed, “There is a very deliberate agenda that has been designed to overtake the world.” 

Parker attributes the current wave of children suffering from gender dysphoria to the widespread porn culture, specifically in young girls who transition in the hopes of not being sexualized by men.  

According to Parker, porn causes “the inability to have an understanding of the Beauty and the Dignity of the human body and, of course, of the soul.” 

In the late ’80s, he recalled overhearing two Americans at the Lesbian and Gay Center in London planning for “infiltration and leadership in the media in entertainment in education across our schools and across our universities.” 

Parker compared the LGBT agenda to communism, which advocates for “pushing for pornography, pushing for the breakdown of family, pushing for the breakdown of marriage.” 

Communism aims to turn “kids against their parents which is exactly what transgenderism is setting out to do – trying to confuse young children.” 

According to Parker, the LGBT movement has gained enormous momentum such that those who oppose it are now viewed as “the oppressor and you are victimizing this other person.”  

“The tables have been turned 180 degrees; whereas years ago, we didn’t talk about this stuff, now it’s all we talk about,” he continued, adding that LGBT agenda is even promoted in schools to children.  

Ireland and the U.K. are currently moving to ban gender-therapy to confused individuals. Parker argued that therapy is needed to “help understand who we are as human beings.” 

According to Parker, “In the right circumstances, heterosexual people will become same-sex identifying or they will experience gender dysphoria.” 

Parker stated that the only way to convince children to follow LGBT agenda is to outlaw prayer and therapy, “which actually means therapy and prayer really work.” 

While he stressed that the ultimate goal of therapy should be holiness, “There are many people with same-sex attraction who are now beginning to experience other-sex attraction.” 

“There are many people with gender dysphoria who are finding themselves actually coming home and being really happy within their own biological skin,” he added.  

Fighting the LGBT agenda 

Parker urged people to unite to defeat the LGBT agenda, saying that, “We are not the oppressor; we are trying to rescue our young people.”  

“They’re very real. These people are very hurt, and they’re very, very angry that much of their own life particularly their fertility has been stolen away from them,” he said. 

Following his conversion, Parker began an organization, True Identity, to offer therapy to those suffering from the LGBT agenda and to help them find their “truest and fullest identity” as sons and daughters of Christ.  

According to Parker, the current struggle is “World War III,” as the LGBT agenda is “trying to push our kids over the edge of the cliff.”  

“This is an invisible war and it’s for the souls,” he declared.  

“There’s something like a nefarious ingenuity behind it that is giving them exactly what they want for the destruction of marriage and family,” Parker revealed.  

“This is our war today; we have to stand up, and we have to proclaim that which is true in the face of the beast,” he stressed. 

Parker quoted Revelation 4:12 which states that the plan of the devil will only be overcome by the blood of the Lamb.  

“The blood of Christ has been shed, and I’m here today not just to share some of my own testimony but to tell you there are thousands upon thousands of other testimonies out there,” Parker said.  

Parker petitioned for increased prayer and especially for devotion to the Blessed Virgin Mary through her Most Holy Rosary.  

He urged people to recognize that Jesus came to show you God as Father and basically through Mary, the new Eve, you have a mother, and therefore you can find a deep, deep peace.”

“We need to speak up and speak up loudly today more than ever before,” Parker declared.