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(LifeSiteNews) — A former Indian ambassador claimed that Justin Trudeau’s airplane was “full of” cocaine and that the prime minister, who he dubbed a “Canadian Rambo,” was so high on the substance he missed an important G20 dinner.

The bold accusations came from Deepak Vohra, who is a former Indian ambassador to Sudan. He alleged on Monday that there was a “credible rumor” that Indian drug-sniffing dogs found cocaine on Trudeau’s government plane while it was parked in Delhi.

“When Justin Trudeau came to India for the G20 this month, his plane was full of cocaine,” Vohra claimed on Zee News while debating Indian journalist Deepak Chaurasia.

“He did not come out of his room for two days.”

Vohra alleged that his wife saw Trudeau at the Delhi airport and he looked “depressed and stressed.”

“We don’t know the reason. I don’t know the reality, but social media and some ‘credible rumors’ suggest that his plane was full of cocaine,” Vohra said. “He also missed the President’s dinner as some people say that he was not in his senses due to the drug consumption.”

Vohra then called Trudeau, who recently separated from his wife, a “lonely” man.

“He has definitely gone insane. He has become lonely. He is now trying to show that he is a Canadian Rambo, and nothing can go wrong in his presence,” Vohra said.

Accusations come amid a political row between Canada and India

Trudeau’s office has said the accusations made by Vohra are “absolutely false” and are a “troubling example of how disinformation can make its way into media reporting.”

The prime minister was in India earlier this month for the G20 meeting. However, he had trouble returning home after his plane was grounded because of “technical” issues for a few days until it was repaired and could fly again.

Canada is home to many Sikh separatists, or Khalistanis, who want to separate from India proper.

In recent weeks, a politically charged row between the two nations has ensued after Trudeau accused the Indian government of being complicit in the killing of a Sikh separatist in Canada, Hardeep Singh Nijjar.

In 2020, India had labeled Nijjar a terrorist. He was fatally shot in his car by two people with masks on outside a Sikh temple on June 18, 2023, in Surrey, British Columbia.

India has said the allegations are “absurd.”

Trudeau said last week that that Canadian intelligence agencies were looking into whether “agents of the government of India” were involved in Singh Nijjar’s murder.

Tensions have mounted to the point where India suspended handing out Visas to Canadians, which Vohra said was “the right thing.”