KANSAS CITY, Kansas, October 14, 2011 ( – A Kansas disciplinary board has found former Kansas attorney general Phill Kline guilty of ethical misconduct in connection with his investigation of Planned Parenthood and late-term abortionist George Tiller, and recommended that he be barred from practicing or teaching law anywhere in the nation.

The trial, which took place in two parts this year, was strongly decried by Kline’s defense as unfairly biased against the former attorney general. For example, the board gave prosecutors seven out of the eight days to make their case, the evidence of which had been debunked by members of the same prosecutor’s office two years before in findings that were ignored. In addition to the uneven time, the Disciplinary Administrator granted prosecutors an extension to present the second accusation in July, but granted no such extension to the defense.


The disciplinary panel on Thursday found that Kline provided false or misleading information to the courts about how he gained the identities of women who had abortions.

In July, evidence emerged of Planned Parenthood’s secret agreement with the grand jury to stifle evidence that could have been used against the abortion giant, an event that left Kline supporters stunned.

Kline said he was not surprised by the verdict, noting in a statement that “my ‘mistake’ was my willingness to investigate politically powerful people and to let that investigation go where the evidence led.”

“They are taking my livelihood,” said Kline, who has been vindicated by three separate judges throughout five years of investigations. “All I’ve wanted to do all my life is practice law.” Kline currently teaches law at Liberty University in Virginia.

The recommendation of suspension will now go before the Kansas Supreme Court.

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