By John-Henry Westen

Pat O'BrienOTTAWA, January 26, 2006 ( – The political career of former Liberal MP Pat O’Brien is by no means at an end despite his leaving his seat in the House of Commons. O’Brien is known throughout Canada as the only Liberal MP who left the Party due to its determined agenda to force through homosexual ‘marriage’. O’Brien became an independentÂbutÂdid not run for re-election in the current election.

During the election O’Brien and other former MPs from various political parties co-chaired an effort called “Vote Marriage Canada”. The group endorsed 210 candidates who supported traditional marriage, and nearly 60% of them were elected to the House of Commons on January 23rd. An analysis by the group suggests that “As many as 45% of the House of Commons may be pro-marriage MPs.”

O’Brien, who is also strongly pro-life,Âhas been appointed Executive Director of Vote Marriage Canada (VMC). He spoke with today about his organization.

O’Brien said VMC has “launched phase two” of our campaign. He explained that during the election they encouraged voters to support pro-marriage candidates and now the group will encourage MP’s to revisit the legislation and vote to restore traditional marriage.

Led by the ex-MP with the support of many of his former colleagues, O’Brien’s intends to engage in focussed work to lobby MPs to support marriage.“On Election Day the door was unlocked and now we have to push that door open and achieve our goals,” he said.