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BELLEVILLE, Ontario (LifeSiteNews) —A prominent Canadian politician has underscored the importance of reclaiming his country’s Christian identity while describing plans for his federal pro-life party. 

Derek Sloan, a former Member of Parliament (MP) and prominent pro-freedom Christian politician, gave an update on this new political party during an online seminar with Canadian grassroots freedom movement Action4Canada.  

Sloan said that he had called his new party the “True North Party of Canada” because he liked the symbol of the compass pointing to the North Pole.  

“It’s not left, it’s not right: it’s true north,” he explained.  

“It’s not about an ideology one way or another; it’s about Canada,” he added. 

“It’s about Canadians, it’s about Canadian families, it’s about Canadian citizens. It also indicates that we know where we’re going … .We’re not swaying in the wind.” 

In his presentation, Sloan emphasized the importance of “Christendom” and Canada’s identity as a “Christian nation.” The politician said that the only way that his party could remain in the right direction was to “recognize the founding values of Canada.” 

Those founding values, which can be appreciated even by non-Christians, are Christian in origin, he said. 

“We have to understand that the very framework, the very fabric, of our country is in fact predicated on Christian values,” Sloan said in his Wednesday address.  

“I know many people who don’t call themselves Christians but understand the positive effect that Christendom … has had in Western nations.” 

“There’s so many things in our society that are predicated on a Chrisitan understanding.”  

Sloan believes that western cultures have hitherto been as civil as they are because they have Christianity in their “very DNA.” While upholding the values of religious tolerance and freedom, he insists that the underlying values and structures of Canada must be recognized as Christian. Ignoring this or trying to eradicate it has led only to “radical ideologies” taking over.   

“We need to recognize as a country… an ideological understanding of where we come from,” stated Sloan. “If you try to rip [Christianity] out, which it is impossible to do, you create a vacuum that is filled with other ideologies.” 

“We’re seeing the effect of that in our society right now, we’re seeing the rise of all kinds of radical ideologies, whether it is identity politics or gender ideology, these are new ideas and philosophies that are trying to supplant our Western Christendom approach,” he added. 

Sloan told his online audience that the impetus for moral progress around the world has always been Christianity, and historical examples in Scandanavia and Western Europe prove that.  

“All the policies that we sort of view as positive today with respect to rules with warfare, and promoting education, and helping the poor, and providing equal opportunities…. All of these things increased with the adoption of Christianity in Europe” he said. 

“And I believe that these things, along with many other reasons, are the bedrock of why we are what we are,” he continued. 

“You can’t explain what Canada is without understanding our Christian past.” 

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PETITION: Urge the Quebec Knights of Columbus to REVERSE draconian vaccination requirements
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The Knights of Columbus in Quebec have apparently begun to pressurize and bully unvaccinated council members and officers who decline to take the COVID jab.

Please SIGN and SHARE this petition to the Quebec Knights of Columbus, urging the Catholic men's fraternal organization to reverse course and stop penalizing Knights who refuse these unethical, untested and unsafe vaccines.

According to a letter obtained by LifeSiteNews, the leaders of the Quebec State Council of the Knights have seemingly implemented the following restrictions on unvaccinated members: 1) Effective immediately, unvaccinated knights shall be refused access to meeting and social venues; and, 2) Effective November 15th, any officer not "fully vaccinated" shall be relieved of his duties.

If true (and, there is no reason to believe it is not accurate), this Quebec Knights' policy is not only deeply flawed, but also deeply disturbing.

Indeed, the Catholic Church teaches that a Catholic may use his or her conscience to decide to licitly refuse vaccination.

And, while the Church is allowing Catholics to take these unethical vaccines because of the lack of an ethically produced and tested vaccine, it must noted that the Church IS AGAINST FORCED VACCINATION and vaccine mandates.

Therefore, it is difficult to fathom how a Catholic organization can penalize (and, in effect, try to coerce) Catholics to accept vaccines which have many morally and medically troubling aspects.

To start with, all COVID vaccines available to Knights Quebecois were either developed or tested using aborted fetal cell lines! This very fact should militate against penalizing Knights who cannot accept these jabs, in good conscience, as morally repugnant per se.

And, there are at least three other serious issues with the vaccines, namely:

  1. The vaccines are, themselves, unsafe. The WHO has already reported over 2.1M injuries related to COVID jabs, worldwide.
  2. The vaccines do not effectively stop transmission, and, in fact, probably facilitate transmission by allowing a vaccinated person to carry a large viral load which they can then spread to vaccinated and unvaccinated, alike.
  3. It is unwise to take and promote vaccines which have not undergone sufficient testing (animal, and otherwise), and which have no track record for possible long-term negative complications. Whereas most vaccines have taken between six and ten years to be fully tested and approved, these COVID jabs have only been given for less than a year -- and so, we do not know what the long-term effects will be.

With these issues in mind, please SIGN and SHARE this petition which calls on the Quebec Knights of Columbus State Council to reverse the draconian restrictions being placed against unvaccinated Knights.

The Quebec Knights of Columbus should be prepared to make reasonable accommodations for those members and officers who have decided to refuse these unethical, untested and unsafe vaccines.

After signing, please take a few minutes to contact the Quebec Knights of Columbus to politely, but firmly, ask them to reverse this decision which could seriously impinge on their fellow Knights' ability to follow their consciences in relation to taking a COVID vaccine.

Quebec Knights of Columbus Telephone Numbers: 450-768-0616 or 1866-893-3681

Quebec Knights of Columbus Email: [email protected]



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Continuing to emphasize the relevance of Christian values in the Canada, Sloan brought up the topic of abortion. In Canada, one in five pregnancies end in abortion, and there are currently no laws limiting the age at which the unborn child can be killed. Sloan believes this is wrong and that Canadian political parties should be strongly pro-life 

“I think it’s entirely possible, and in fact the right thing, for a Canadian party to be explicitly and officially pro-life,” he said. “It’s a must that a party have a definitive stand on this issue.”  

“And unfortunately, so much of what goes on in Canada… so many issues just don’t get debated and decided in parliament,” he added. 

“So, these are things where you need to have discussions and you need to have stance, and none of the parties out there have that.” 

Currently, none of the major parties in Canada, including the CPC and the People’s Party of Canada, have an official pro-life stance. The Liberal Party of Canada and the New Democratic Party of Canada are both unreservedly pro-abortion. 

Sloan, who has a consistent voting record as a pro-life, pro-family, and pro-Christian MP, announced that Elections Canada should approve his True North Party of Canada in the coming weeks, at which point more plans for local efforts and engagement with constituents will be announced.  

 In July 2021, Sloan announced his plans to start the new political party. He had been  ousted from the Conservative Party of Canada (CPC) in January 2021 for receiving a $131 donation from an alleged “white supremacist” who donated under a fake name. Afterwards Sloan described himself as a “sacrificial lamb,” a social conservative thrown to Canada’s left-wing media wolves in the widespread upset following the USA’s January 6 Capitol rally. In 2020 Sloan had been social conservatives’ choice to lead the CPC. As an MP, he gave a platform to medical experts who warned against the experimental COVID-19 inoculations.